Warzone Halloween Event 2021: Is Zombie Royale back for this year's event?

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"The Haunting" is here and there's a lot to look forward to in this limited-time event hitting Warzone and Black Ops Cold War. After last year's Halloween event, though, we want to know one thing: Can we play Zombie Royale again? Here's what we know.

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ZOMBIE ROYALE - Is it coming back?

Yes, but technically no.

Zombie Royale isn't coming back, but the new limited-time mode - "Ghosts of Verdansk" - strikes an uncanny resemblance to the mode.

In "Ghosts of Verdansk" you have to fight to survive and be the last Operator standing - like Zombie Royale.


If you die, you become a Ghost with unique abilities - like Zombie Royale.

You can kill Operators and respawn back as an Operator while playing as a Ghost - like Zombie Royale.

So... Yeah. It's Zombie Royale with a new coat of paint. The Fear Meter is new, though - this will just gradually increase the jump scares and hallucinations, rather than dumping them all on you at once.

ZOMBIE ROYALE - What is this LTM?

Zombie Royale is a spooky LTM that plunges Verdansk into darkness and fills it with Zombies - although, these are player-controlled Zombies and not like the traditional Call of Duty Zombies experience.

In Zombie Royale, dead players are brought back into the warzone as Zombies and they must hunt down the living and help their surviving teammates as they try to be the last ones alive - the standard objective for Warzone.

Warzone Zombie Royale Ghost Syd
FIGHT OR DIE - The undead are relentless...

What makes this a little special is that you can actually find "cure vials" around the map and turn back into a living player - deploying again with your previous loadout. This is risky - as you're often dropping into a map full of Zombies - however, it helps you get a fighting chance against the hordes while you wait for the exfil chopper.

Playing as a Zombie does limit you to melee attacks, but you can jump quite high and throw Gas Grenades to disorientate and damage living players. It's a fun LTM for the Halloween season and playing on Verdansk at night is a nice change of pace.

THE HAUNTING - When will we know more?

Call of Duty announced "The Haunting" alongside the Season Six content roadmap a few weeks ago, now, but there wasn't anything detailing what was coming.


All the announcement said was that the event itself would be starting on October 19th and that we should look forward to more "intel" about what's coming on October 18th.

At the moment, we know about a lot of the cosmetic items and Operator Bundles that are due to release alongside "The Haunting" - data miners are always hard at work - but we don't know about Zombie Royale.

Warzone Zombie Royale
GHOSTFACE AND MORE - Scream's killer is just one of the new Bundles coming in this event

We are expecting to see a series of challenges released in both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War - with the LAPA SMG as the ultimate reward in a similar fashion to the Sai melee weapon in "The Numbers" event. For now, though, we'll just have to wait and see what "The Haunting" brings...

Where there are challenges, there's usually an LTM or limited-time activity of some kind. Zombie Royale would fit that bill for Warzone.