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Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6 - Every Single Bunker Location & Access Code

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Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6 is live until Tuesday, 24 November, so here's every single bunker location and access code you need.

Warzone Bunker Locations

A new killstreak named Foresight has been added to Warzone in Season 6.

call of duty warzone best places to land military base
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MILITARY BASE: Land here and complete a scavenger in order to build up money quickly at the start of a game

This killstreak can only be activated through the bunkers.

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So here's a list of where you can find every single secret bunker on the COD: Warzone map.


Bunker 1

Bunker 1 can be found on the northern end of the Junkyard region.

Bunker 2

This one can also be found on the northern end of the Junkyard, in the middle of the Junkyard and Boneyard.

Bunker 3

This bunker can be found between the military base and dam, in Bloc 23.

Bunker 4

This bunker can be located on the southern end of the Junkyard region, west of the Boneyard.

Bunker 5

The 5th bunker can be located towards the south of the military base, in the Lazoff Pass region.


Bunker 6

The 6th bunker can be found towards the east of the quarry in Bloc 18.

Bunker 7

Head towards the northeast side of the Verdansk stadium to find the 7th bunker.

Bunker 8

For this bunker also head towards the northeast side of the Verdansk stadium in Bloc 18.

Bunker 9

Move towards the northeast side of the prison in the southeast corner of the map for the 9th Bunker.

Bunker 10

The 10th Bunker can be found towards the south of the park near the edge of the map.

LaserBolt's guide to every secret bunker location

We know it's not always simple to locate a bunker once you are immersed in hectic gameplay - YouTuber LaserBolt has made it easy for you.


Watch above to find out exactly where you can find every single secret bunker in Warzone.

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LaserBolt explains exactly where the bunkers are hidden on the map, then takes you there himself in his brilliant guide to Warzone's secret bunkers.

Warzone Bunker Access Codes

You'll need special access codes in order to open some of the bunkers.

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STEADY AIM: Hold L3 to steady your aim for a short period whilst using snipers

We've gathered a list of every bunker access code below.

  • Warzone Prison shack code - 72948531
  • Warzone Farmland code - 49285163
  • South Junkyard - 97264138
  • North Junkyard - 87624851
  • Park (nuke) - 60274513
  • TV Station - 27495810

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