10 May 2021 10:11 AM +00:00

Call of Duty Warzone could be coming to mobile

COD Mobile has shown quite a few things since its inception in 2019. It managed to take a rather competitive game and put a fun arcade spin on it without taking away that feeling Call of Duty has.

It was fast-paced, occasionally brutal, and filled with children who are much better than you are — the true essence of a COD game.

Needless to say, COD has been perpetually updated for years so it only makes sense to bring one of the most popular modes in the world to your fingertips.

Is COD: Warzone Coming to Mobile?

Aside from all the updates mobile gets, a recent LinkedIn post suggests something much more concrete. In their ad, Activision says that they are looking to add more members to their mobile team for "content expansion across COD Mobile and Warzone."

Although this is a relatively benign update, there's a specific focus in saying they're hiring for the mobile team. They could have posted a more vague job listing but they didn't.

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile
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Finally, LinkedIn has a purpose

In the section for a new Graphics Engineer, they state that the role would be to join the mobile team for the launch of a "new mobile title". Naturally enough, the COD mobile team only work on Call of Duty games so this has to be Warzone.


Why This Could Work

Mobile phones continue to get more powerful and the work on the current COD Mobile game suggests as such. Alongside enemies and friends, it's even capable of running a tank, not an easy feat.

It has a multitude of guns and customization options and even ran a zombies mode and controller support. It's clear that COD Mobile is a priority over at Activision and is one of the few ways to play it on the go. They don't seem to be dropping support for it any time soon.