Blueprint Blitz is back and here's all the Weapon Blueprints you can unlock

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Blueprint Blitz is back in Warzone and now you can get your hands on all of those Weapon Blueprints you missed out on before! Here's everything you need to know about Blueprint Blitz and what's on offer - It should be available for the weekend, if not until the next Playlist Update on September 23rd.

BLUEPRINT BLITZ - What even is it?

Blueprint Blitz is one of the more recent additions to Warzone's list of in-game events - although, we haven't seen one in a couple of weeks. In a way, it's somewhat similar to a Double XP Weekend. That is, it doesn't actually refer to a particular in-game Playlist - rather, it applies to them all.

During a Blueprint Blitz period, you'll be able to complete two standard contracts during a game to spawn a Contraband Contract. These aren't anything new, but Blueprint Blitz gives you a chance to actually control when they spawn.

Blueprint Blitz Weapon Blueprints
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GRAB AND GO - It's like normal Warzone, but with more rewards!

With a Contraband Contract, you can complete it to earn one of the selected Weapon Blueprints in Blueprint Blitz. In the past, Contraband Contracts have just given you the most recent Weapon Blueprint - or an event-specific Weapon Blueprint - so this is a fantastic chance to catch up on the ones you missed out on.

If this doesn't sell you, Contraband Contracts are worth a fair bit of in-game cash and they can be a great way to get your first Loadout early. The fact that all you need to do is complete two Contracts to get one now seems like a good deal.

ALL BLUEPRINTS - What can you unlock?

As you might imagine, there are quite a few Weapon Blueprints up for grabs during Blueprint Blitz. In the past, though, Raven Software has only included a selection of the following... We don't know exactly which ones are going to be included but here's the complete list of Weapon Blueprints you'll be able to find in Warzone during Blueprint Blitz - hopefully, we might even be able to get all of them and complete our set!

  • Bat Out Of Hell - Striker 45 Weapon Blueprint
  • Mud Drauber - MP7 Weapon Blueprint*
  • Fluid Dynamics - Kar98k Weapon Blueprint*
Warzone Weapon Blueprints Blueprint Blitz
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NO SCOPE? - Yeah, this one isn't quite it...
  • Noxious - RPD Weapon Blueprint*
  • Karbonite - EBR-14 Weapon Blueprint
  • Frozen Chosen - M82 Weapon Blueprint*
  • Firebrand - Bruen MK9 Weapon Blueprint
  • Teal Drop - 1911 Weapon Blueprint*
  • Lonely Lagoon - AX-50 Weapon Blueprint
  • Pumpkin Punisher - Grau 5.56 Weapon Blueprint*
Warzone Blueprint Blitz Weapon Blueprints
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THE BEST ONE? - Surely, this has to be the best Weapon Blueprint on offer
  • Bay of Pigs - SKS Weapon Blueprint
  • Red Room - Milano 821 Weapon Blueprint
  • Enigma - CR-56 AMAX Weapon Blueprint
  • Gray Matter - LW3-Tundra Weapon Blueprint*
  • Military Green - M16 Weapon Blueprint*
  • Renegade Ranger - M16 Weapon Blueprint*
  • Hazardous - Krig 6 Weapon Blueprint*
Warzone Blueprint Blitz Weapon Blueprints
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ALL THE TOPPINGS - Fully equipped Krig 6? Check
  • Northern Aggression - Type 63 Weapon Blueprint*

In the list above, those in bold and starred are the Weapon Blueprints we've seen appear in Blueprint Blitz in the past - it would be safe to assume that these would be appearing in the current iteration of the limited-time playlist.

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