Call of Duty Warzone and Black Ops Cold War: Double XP Weekend Announced For New Year

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Its time to grind your Call Of Duty Battle Pass because Double XP Weekend is returning.

Double XP Weekend

Starting December 31 at 10am PT, 6pm GMT, players will be able to earn Double XP in both Warzone and the recently released Black Ops Cold War.


Unlike previous events though, the XP will only apply to basic XP.

But, it still gives players a chance to get the Battle Pass levelled up over the New Year.


End Date

The Double XP Weekend will last until January 4 2021 at 10am PT, 6pm GMT.

This gives players about 4 days to get as much XP as they can.

With a lot of the world not able to celebrate New Years Eve in a traditional way, being able to squad up with the boys is the next best thing.

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Next Update

The next Call of Duty update is expected to land on January 1 2021, bringing new content and changes to the game.

We should see a playlist update which will shake up the content in the games.

In the last COD update we saw the following modes added to the game.

  • 3v3 Gunfight Snipers Only
  • Face Off
  • Raid 24/7
  • Nuketown Holiday 24/7
  • 2v2 Gunfight
  • Prop Hunt

This should give players at least an idea of what to expect from the next update in the coming days.

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COD Warzone & Black Ops Season One Out Now!

Season One officially launched on Wednesday, 16 December.

warzone plane call of duty
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WHERE TO LAND - It's important you select a good landing spot when beginning a Warzone game!

You can now earn unified Battle Pass XP across Black Ops Cold War, Modern Warfare, and Warzone.


Some tiers within the Battle Pass include two rewards: one for Black Ops Cold War and one for Warzone.

These are marked within the Battle Pass, offering those who own Black Ops Cold War with their own special item in addition to one they can use in Warzone!

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