Call of Duty Vanguard: What is the max level cap?

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It's finally time to dive into a new Call of Duty multiplayer experience - we have been waiting a while and it looks like Sledgehammer Games has delivered with an exceptional multiplayer experience in Vanguard. It's also one of the largest available right now - there are over thirty weapons in-game right now and twenty multiplayer maps to run around on.

You might be wondering, though... How does the levelling work? What's the max level cap in Vanguard and how long will it take you to reach it? Here's what we know.

MAX LEVEL CAP - What's the highest level in Vanguard?

Call of Duty Vanguard is going to feature cross-progression with Modern Warfare, Black Ops Cold War, and Warzone at the start of Season One. This means it's going to operate on a seasonal Prestige system like Black Ops Cold War did last year.


At the moment, the max level in Vanguard is Level 55 - however, it doesn't stop there. From Level 55 onwards, you'll unlock a series of Prestiges. At the moment, you can unlock Prestige 1, Prestige 2, and Prestige 3 between Level 55 and Level 200.

Vanguard Prestige Max Level Cap
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LOTS OF LEVELS - Vanguard is going to have thousands of levels to grind

Doing this will unlock a few unique Emblem and Calling Cards and give you a Prestige Key - this can be used to unlock more cosmetic items. When Season One drops, we're expecting a couple more Prestige Levels to be introduced. Each season, you should be able to level up to Level 1000 - however, there's only going to be three Prestige levels added per season.

Vanguard is going to be a grinders' dream - there's so much on offer and when you combine standard Prestige levels, Weapon Levels, and Operator Levels... There's a lot for you to get stuck into for the next few months. Then, when they add more content... There's going to be even more!