Vanguard Preload Times: You can start downloading Vanguard right now!

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The next Call of Duty game is almost here - in fact, we're less than 48 hours away from launch! If you're looking forward to installing your game ahead of time, we have the latest on the Vanguard preload times for you right here. Oh, and how much storage space you're going to need for it. That's a little important...

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LATEST - Preloading is now live!

It doesn't matter where you are in the world, or what you're planning on playing Sledgehammer Games' Vanguard on - you can start preloading the next Call of Duty game right now!

It's going to take up a few GBs of storage space, though, and we're expecting a Day One patch to drop when it launches. So... It's worth starting your downloads now, just to be safe.

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Just to recap, here's when you can start playing Call of Duty Vanguard if you've preloaded the game on your console or PC:

  • Console Version of Vanguard
    • 21:00 November 4th PST
    • 00:00 November 5th EST
    • 00:00 November 5th GMT
  • PC Version of Vanguard
    • 21:00 November 4th PST
    • 00:00 November 5th EST
    • 04:00 November 5th GMT

The console version goes live at midnight local time, but the PC version goes live at the same time as it does in the Americas. If you're buying a physical copy, then you'll have to wait until you get your hands on it!

PC PRELOAD - It's almost time to start it up!

If you're looking to play Vanguard on PC, you're going to be able to start preloading this through the Launcher at the following times:

  • 10:00 November 2nd PST
  • 13:00 November 2nd EST
  • 17:00 November 2nd GMT

It should pop up under the "Partner Games" section if you're having trouble finding it.

Following this, you can see the times when the PC version of the game goes live below:

Vanguard preload times PC
click to enlarge
LAUNCH TIMES - When can you play it on PC?

The console version of Vanguard is due to go live at midnight local time on both Xbox and PlayStation - unless you're in the US and then it's a couple of hours before.

CONSOLE PRELOAD - When can we start the downloads?

If you have digitally pre-ordered Vanguard - which will also net you the Ghost of War Bundle from "The Haunting" - you can start preloading at the following times:

  • PlayStation Consoles
    • 21:00 October 28th PST
    • 00:00 October 29th EST
    • 00:00 October 29th BST
  • Xbox Consoles
    • 21:00 October 28th PST
    • 00:00 October 29th EST
    • 05:00 October 29th BST
  • PC
    • More information coming soon, preloading starts on November 2nd

We know those times might look a little odd, but PlayStation players can download Vanguard from October 29th "midnight local time" - It's just North and South America that get it early. Xbox players will have to wait a little longer, though - only a few hours, as you can see.

STORAGE SPACE - How much space do we need though?

Knowing when you can download the game is all well and good, but how much storage space are you going to need to keep free? Here's what Call of Duty has shared...

The following figures are estimates, so they could be slightly different when preloading starts.

  • PlayStation 5
    • Download Size: 64.13 GB
    • Required Space: 89.84 GB
  • PlayStation 4
    • Download Size: 54.65 GB
    • Required Space: 93.12 GB
  • Xbox Series X|S
    • Download Size: 61 GB
    • Required Space: 61 GB
  • Xbox One
    • Download Size: 56.6 GB
    • Required Space: 56.6 GB
  • PC
    • Additional estimations coming soon, including PC system requirements

The "Required Space" is most likely due to the copying process on PlayStation consoles. Call of Duty had the following to say:

" By console, these are the estimated file sizes needed to install Vanguard at launch, including via pre-load, as well as the disk space needed to play the game..."

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