Vanguard PlayStation Exclusive Content: What are we going to get?

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Call of Duty Vanguard is almost here and everyone on PS4 - and PS5 - is asking the same question: What PlayStation Exclusive Content is coming to Vanguard? Black Ops Cold War had a whole extra game mode for a year - Onslaught has only just been added to Xbox consoles and PC - but what about the new Call of Duty?

Here's everything we know about the additional content you can expect on PlayStation consoles.


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CONFIRMED - PlayStation Exclusive Content for Vanguard

Unlike Black Ops Cold War, it looks like Call of Duty Vanguard isn't going to have a timed exclusive mode like Onslaught for PlayStation players. There's still going to be something to look forward to, though. Here's what we know...

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Call of Duty Vanguard PlayStation Exclusive Content:

  • Double XP Events - Monthly Weekends
  • Combat Packs - PS Plus packs for each season
  • Custom Loadout slots - 2 additional custom loadout slots
  • Battle Pass Bundle bonuses - 5 additional Tier skips with the Battle Pass Bundle
  • XP Bonus - Additional 25% Weapon XP when partying up with friends

The Weapon XP bonus should stack with additional Double Weapon XP tokens and make levelling up much easier on PlayStation consoles. However, the lack of an exclusive game mode is a shame - but understandable after the backlash Black Ops Cold War faced for such a decision.

When could we find out what content we're getting?

We don't know for sure what we're expecting and we're not sure when we're expecting it. Vanguard is out in less than two weeks and there's a third-party focused State of Play presentation coming up later today.

It feels like the stars are aligning after PlayStation's recent foray into the Operators we're going to see in Vanguard and what DualSense features are going to be on display.

The next State of Play presentation is due to start at the following times:

  • 14:00 October 27th PST
  • 17:00 October 27th EST
  • 22:00 October 27th BST

It's worth keeping an eye on it for news regardless, but we might get a sneak preview of what PlayStation exclusive content to expect from Vanguard when it launches in November.

What content do we expect to see?

At the moment, we don't know what Vanguard is getting in terms of PlayStation exclusive content - however, we have some ideas.

There is talk among leakers and data miners that a remastered version of Nacht Der Untoten will be added to Vanguard as an exclusive round-based experience for PlayStation players. This would then suggest that Nacht Der Untoten's appearance in Forsaken, the latest Black Ops Cold War Zombies map, is a teaser of what's to come.

Der Anfang, Vanguard's first entry into the next iteration of Zombies, isn't strictly round-based so this wouldn't be completely outrageous when you consider Black Ops Cold War's Onslaught mode was fully exclusive to PlayStation players for a whole year. However, we just don't know for sure.

Vanguard PlayStation Exclusive Content Zombies
ZOMBIES CONTENT - Surely, it's going to be Zombies related again...

Onslaught could make a comeback as an exclusive mode for PlayStation players; however, Der Anfang already draws on existing multiplayer maps for Zombies content. This was sort of the whole point of Onslaught, so it wouldn't really feel like a different game mode.


Whatever we do get, expect to see a steady supply of PS Plus packs available throughout the next year - just like there was for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.