Call of Duty Vanguard: New Patch Notes detail all changes from Beta to Launch

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The Call of Duty Vanguard Open Beta wasn't perfect, but it was a damn-sight better than the Champion Hill Alpha. Following drastic improvement, Sledgehammer Games has revealed their Launch Patch Notes - that showcase all the changes that are being made between the Open Beta and Launch. Here's everything you need to know about the improved visibility, audio, and more...

Sledgehammer Games' Launch Patch Notes

We'll cut to the chase, here's everything being changed in Vanguard ahead of launch. A lot of these things are Quality of Life changes and should help polish the game when it comes out.

Visibility changes

  • Distortion effects were removed from muzzle flash and we reduced smoke emitted when firing a weapon
  • Completed a pass on muzzle flash placement/coverage when aiming down sights
  • VFX Environment ambient placement for better sightlines
  • Removed the droplets of water that get all up in your face when it rains
  • Various bugs have been fixed including a bug where certain optics would stop the enemy and friendly HUD icons from displaying while ADS
  • We've fixed cases of nametags appearing through Destruction
  • Lens flare reduced across all maps (we nerfed the sun)
  • We will continue to refine VFX, Lighting, and UI into launch and monitor player feedback surrounding the various topics of visibility.

Audio changes

  • Audio received a complete mixing and content overhaul to address community feedback from the Public Beta, including more audible footsteps, player and non-player weapons, and map environment content
  • Footsteps are silent when players ADS, Crouch Walk, or have a Perk / Field Upgrade equipped which silences movement
  • Fixed a bug that caused shots after the first shot to be too quiet
  • Operator quips occur less frequently
  • Asked Butcher to chill out. VO lines are less frequent
Vanguard Launch Patch Notes Beta Changes
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THINGS CHANGE - Vanguard is going to be polished when it launches

Changes to Spawns

  • A bug resulting in unpredictable spawns in Patrol has been fixed as well general tuning of spawn logic globally
  • We will continue to refine spawn logic over time to improve spawns in matches with higher player counts

Movement changes

  • Grenades and incendiaries no longer slow movement speed of players
  • A cap has been placed on max suppression effects
  • Changes have been made to animation times including weapon swap speeds and throwing of equipment (ie: Gammon bombs can be thrown more quickly)
  • Sprint out times have been sped up and re-balanced

Killstreak & Field Upgrades changes

  • Friendly Spy Planes and Counter Spy Planes will no longer appear overhead
  • Spy Planes and Counter Spy Planes move slower and are easier to hit
  • Counter Spy Planes have a shorter duration
  • Health has been reduced on Spy Planes, Counter Spy Planes, and most placed Field Upgrades
  • Death Machine and War Machine have swapped costs
  • Glide bomb is easier to control
  • A max timer has been added to the Radar Jammer and Field Mic Field Upgrades
  • Bugs resulting in graphical corruption of the Attack Dogs have been fixed – no more Dognados

Perks changes

  • Low Profile has been removed and replaced with Ninja

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