Vanguard: All new Operators coming to Vanguard and Warzone at launch

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Call of Duty Vanguard has a global Campaign and aims to reflect the worldwide impact of the Second World War - what better way to do that than through a diverse cast of characters? There's going to be twelve Operators available in Vanguard at launch and here's everything you need to know about them.

All Operators available in Vanguard at launch

Arthur Kingsley, Wade Jackson, Polina Petrova, and Lucas Riggs make up Special Operations Task Force (SOTF) 1 - Vanguard. However, they're not the only characters available in multiplayer and Zombies. Each one of them has their own SOTF sub-division and this is how Vanguard's Operators are going to be divided up...


Here's the best of the best and all the faces you need to know.

SOTF 2 - Hellhounds

From left to right...

  • Daniel Yatsu - Japanese American Infantryman
  • Wade Jackson - Italian American Hellhounds Leader
  • Halima Zambardi - Italian Somalian Resistance Fighter
Vanguard launch Operators Hellhounds
HELLHOUNDS - Vanguard's Wade Jackson leads this SOTF team...

SOTF 3 - Sentinel

From left to right...

  • Constanze Trude Muller - German Axis Defector
  • Arthur Kingsley - British Cameroon Sentinel Leader
  • Padmavati Balan - Indian National Infantry
Vanguard Launch Operators Sentinel
SENTINELS - Vanguard's Arthur Kingsley heads this SOTF team...

SOTF 4 - Barbarian

From left to right...

  • Roland Zeimet - Luxembourger Axis Defector
  • Lucas Riggs - Australian Barbarians Leader
  • Beatrice Mercier - French Resistance Fighter
Vanguard Launch Operators Barbarians
BARBARIANS - Vanguard's Lucas Riggs leads this team

SOTF 5 - Shadow

From left to right...

  • Shigenori Ota - Japanese Navy Defector
  • Polina Petrova - Russian Shadow Leader
  • Solange Hardewijk - Dutch Aruban SOE Agent
Vanguard Launch Operators Shadow
SHADOW - Vanguard's Polina Petrova leads this SOTF team...

Vanguard Season 1 is due to launch on December 2nd - this is when all the above Operators will be integrated into Warzone alongside the launch of the Ricochet Anti-Cheat System and the Pacific map. Much like Black Ops Cold War's Season 1, we expect a new Operator to be added in the Vanguard Season 1 Battle Pass - We don't know who, though, just yet...