Vanguard Krampus Operator: Leaks suggest Krampus is an Operator Skin

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We've got an update on the Krampus leaks - it's all looking very exciting for Vanguard.

Sledgehammer Games' Call of Duty Vanguard is dancing the fine line between respecting those who fought in the Second World War - with realism at the forefront of the title's experiences - and truly bonkers stuff - with sniper scopes on akimbo Double Barrel shotguns. It looks like this duality is going to continue for the next few months as leaks suggest a Krampus Operator is coming to Vanguard sooner than you might think.


Here's everything you need to know about that...

UPDATE - Could Krampus be an Operator Skin?

It looks like Krampus isn't going to be a new Operator after all - but rather a skin for Shigenori in Vanguard. We don't exactly know the relevance given the fact that Krampus is more of a Germanic folklore tale, but the skin does look quite cool.

Sadly though, there aren't many images available at the moment. ZestyCODLeaks shared an image that shows Shigenori wearing a red Krampus-style mask - however, they have since deleted the post.


Expect more to be revealed in the coming weeks, though. For now, this Twitter user has the images... How long they last though, is the real question.

The images also show Lewis and Isabella, two new Operators coming to Vanguard.


LEAKS - Krampus Operator Bundle Files

Following Vanguard's full release, ZestyCODLeaks has been digging into the game's files for information about future content. Thankfully, they haven't come out of it all empty-handed - however, it's not exactly what we expected.

According to them - and the game's files - it looks like Krampus could be coming to Vanguard and Warzone as a new Operator in the future.


The image above does say "s4_mp", which would suggest a Season Four release date - however, with Christmas on the way in the middle of Season One... ZestyCODLeaks is "99.9% sure" Krampus is coming and we think we'll see him pop up during a seasonal event over the Christmas period.

WHO - Krampus? Who even is that?

If you're wondering who Krampus actually is, you're not alone.

Krampus is essentially Santa's muscle - however, he's often seen as an "evil" figure. In Alpine Folklore, Krampus travels with Saint Nicholas and scares any Children who misbehave. He has horns and is often portrayed as someone with goat legs - giving him a satan-like appearance.


There is, of course, a huge backstory to Krampus and Krampusnacht - December 5th is often when Krampus and Saint Nicholas are supposedly meant to go around handing out gifts to the good children and coal to the bad children.

Krampus Vanguard Operator Bundle
KRAMPUS - From 2015's "Krampus"

Krampus only really entered popular culture after the release of "Krampus: The Christmas Devil" in 2013. Since then, we've seen "Krampus" in 2015, "Krampus: The Reckoning" in 2015, "A Christmas Horror Story" in 2015, "Krampus Unleashed" in 2016, "Krampus 2: The Devil Returns" in 2016, and "Mother Krampus" in 2017. In all of these, Krampus is portrayed as the antagonistic horror icon in a thriller - so, it's safe to say that the Krampus Operator Bundle is going to look a bit scary when it's finally released.