Call of Duty Vanguard: How to unlock Atomic Camo

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Sledgehammer Games' new Call of Duty experience is finally here and there's a lot out there for the completionists out there. Call of Duty Vanguard has a new set of Mastery Camos for players to unlock and everyone's talking about one of them - Atomic. Here's how to unlock the Atomic Camo in Vanguard - no matter the weapon.

HOW TO UNLOCK - Atomic Camo on everything

If you want to get your hands on the Atomic Camo in Vanguard, you're going to need to unlock all the other Camos in-game - we know, that sounds like a lot. This means you're going to need to unlock Diamond Camo on all weapons in Multiplayer.


We're not going to run through every single Camo challenge, but here's everything you need to know about the Camo sets in Vanguard...

Pack Tactics Camo Set

  • Get Eliminations with your weapon in multiplayer
  • Unlocks... Depths, Osprey, Tributaries, Candybar, Reptilia, Snakebit, Low Foliage, Sandspout, Winter's Blood, Brackish

Surgical Tactics Camo Set

  • Get Headshots with your weapon in multiplayer
  • Unlocks... Wildwood, Drought, Flashbang, Bitter Cold, Riverdog, Rustbelt, Fungus, Termite, Quarry, Selva

Predatory Ambition Camo Set

  • Get Multikills with your weapon in multiplayer
  • Unlocks... Charter, Heatwave, Dead Ivy, Creek, Abstract, Moss, Seedspitter, Landlocked, Mistmaker, Sunsetter

Reptillian Camo Set

  • Get 5 Kills without dying in multiplayer
  • Unlocks... Slow Crawl, Verdant, Swarmer, Chlorine, Stoplight, Eroded, Bedrock, Dark Scale, Ironrot, Dromant
Vanguard Atomic Camo Unlock
ATOMIC CAMO - Here's what it looks like

Image Credit: PrestigeIsKey - YouTube

Following this, there are another six unlockable Camo Sets in multiplayer: Deadeye, Berserker, Wildcat, Survivalist, Mindgames, and Death Artist. These will be unlockable through things like Hipfire Kills, Rapid Kills, and more.

Then, when you unlock Gold Camo for any weapon, you can unlock Diamond Camo by unlocking Gold Camo for all weapons in a Weapon Class. Atomic Camo is one step further - unlocking Diamon Camo for all weapon classes. That's... A lot of Camo challenges.