Vanguard: How to fix Lag Spikes in Multiplayer

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Sledgehammer Games' new Call of Duty game is finally here! Vanguard boasts the biggest multiplayer mode launch in series history, too, with over thirty new weapons and twenty maps available on Day One. If you're looking for a complete multiplayer package, Vanguard has it - and it's only getting bigger! However, it does come with its issues. A lot of people are reporting lag spikes and packet loss while playing Vanguard online. Here are a few ways you can stop that from happening...

LAG SPIKES - How to fix these annoying jumps

Sledgehammer Games is employing something called "on-demand texture streaming" for Vanguard and this could be the main thing causing your lag spikes in-game.


This system has allowed Sledgehammer Games to reduce the overall file size for Vanguard by between 30% and 50%, however, it increased the demand on your bandwidth. Why? Well, it's because Vanguard is essentially downloading and "streaming" in-game textures while you play - on top of everything else.

If you want to fix your lag spikes in Vanguard, you can turn this off in the settings menu. This is going to affect your graphical fidelity slightly - however, it shouldn't be too noticeable while playing. You'll only really know if you stop and look at the details.

Vanguard Lag Spikes Fix
SETTINGS MENU - Turn off "On-demand Texture Streaming"

The settings menu can be found by pressing the "pause" button on consoles, or by looking at the bottom of the screen and pressing the correct key input on PC versions of Vanguard. The "texture streaming" should be found under the graphics tab.


In addition to this, we recommend that you play Vanguard with a wired ethernet connection as opposed to a wireless wifi connection. This will ensure a more stable connection and should increase your internet speeds - it might be enough to help you overcome your issues and still allow for "on-demand texture streaming", too!