Call of Duty Vanguard: How long to beat Campaign

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Sledgehammer Games has clearly been putting a lot into the narrative surrounding Call of Duty Vanguard - the main cast of characters have been key in marketing the game. However, it still looks like multiplayer is at the forefront of Call of Duty's mind. The multiplayer is the largest launch in series history and the campaign just... Falls a little short length-wise.

It's a fantastic narrative, but here's how long it's going to take you to beat the Vanguard campaign. Sledgehammer Games' Advanced Warfare and WWII are both highly regarded as some of the best Call of Duty campaigns out there - so expect great things.


HOW LONG TO BEAT - Vanguard's campaign

We're still waiting for more averages, as Vanguard has only just launched worldwide, but early reports are suggesting that Vanguard's campaign mode offers between eight and ten hours of gameplay.

This is ever-so-slightly shorter than your average Call of Duty campaign, but far from being unusual for the series.

Call of Duty campaigns are often short and around the ten-hour mark, so we're not surprised to learn that Vanguard is around the same length. Of course, difficulty can change how long it takes you to complete a Call of Duty game and there's variation in every playthrough from every player.

Vanguard Beat Campaign
VANGUARD - Here's the main cast of characters

If you play on an easier difficulty, you will breeze through. However, you will be forced to play slower and more cautiously on Veteran. Keep an eye on How Long To Beat for a better average in the coming days - if you're waiting to play it.

Witness the origins of Special Forces in Vanguard's global campaign and fight alongside the best of the best in a desperate attempt to stop the remnants of the Nazi party from establishing the Fourth Reich.