Vanguard: Best SMG Class for multiplayer

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Vanguard is finally here and Call of Duty's largest multiplayer launch to date has arrived. There's going to be over thirty weapons to check out and twenty multiplayer maps to check them out on - with Shipment arriving in a couple of weeks, too! If you're looking for the best SMG Class for Vanguard's multiplayer, we've got you covered.

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SMG CLASS - What you need to know

Submachine Guns are great for run-and-gun tactics, but they lack the damage range and accuracy to make them effective at range. That doesn't mean you shouldn't check one out, though. Mobility is key in Vanguard and there's plenty of situations where having an SMG in your class build will be your best option. Here's what you need to drop into multiplayer with...

Primary Weapon - MP40

  • Muzzle - No. 3 Rifle Brake
  • Barrel - Krausnick 221mm 01B
  • Optic - Nydar Model 47
  • Stock - Removed Stock
  • Underbarrel - Mark VI Skeletal
  • Magazine - 9mm 24 Round Fast Mag
  • Rear Grip - Fabric Grip
  • Ammo Type - Subsonic
  • Proficiency - Momentum
  • Kit - Quick
Best SMG Class Vanguard
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MP40 BUILD - Full attachments loadout

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The SMG itself is only one part of the puzzle, though. There are a few other things you need to kit out your loadout with if you want to make the most of your Primary Weapon. Here's what we recommend for the rest of it...

  • Secondary Weapon - 1911
  • Lethal - Throwing Knife
  • Tactical - Stim
  • Perk One - Ninja
  • Perk Two - Radar
  • Perk Three - Lightweight

There are a lot of weapons on offer in Vanguard and it's important to find one that suits your playstyle. You might prefer a different Lethal, or you may want the F5 Fighting Knife as your Secondary Weapon. This is the perfect place to start, but it's worth exploring your options as you level up and feel your way through this new multiplayer experience.