Vanguard: Best Shotgun Class for Multiplayer

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The long wait is finally over! Call of Duty Vanguard is out and we can't wait to dive into Sledgehammer Games' new multiplayer experience. There's going to be over thirty weapons to choose from and twenty multiplayer maps to play on at launch - it's going to be a lot of fun. If you're looking to jump straight in with a boomstick, here's the best Shotgun Class available at the moment.

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SHOTGUN CLASS - What you need to know

It's time to make the fight personal - and there's no better way to get up close and personal with your opponents than with a Shotgun. If you're a "shoot first, ask questions later" kind of player, then you're in the right place. Here's the best Shotgun Class out there at the moment and everything you need to keep yourself in the thick of the fight.

Primary Weapon - Combat Shotgun

  • Muzzle - M97 Full Choke
  • Barrel - Chariot 16" Short
  • Optic - N/A
  • Stock - CGC 2m Wire
  • Underbarrel - SMLE Pistol Grip
  • Magazine - 12 Guage 5 Round Tube
  • Rear Grip - Stippled Grip
  • Ammo Type - Incendiary
  • Proficiency - Sleight of Hand
  • Kit - Quick
Best Shotgun Class Vanguard
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COMBAT SHOTGUN - Akimbo Double Barrel Shotguns also works

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A Shotgun is important in a Shotgun Class, but it isn't the only thing you need to consider. Here's what we recommend for the rest of the loadout...

  • Secondary Weapon - Machine Pistol
  • Lethal - Thermite
  • Tactical - Stim
  • Perk One - Survival Training
  • Perk Two - Radar
  • Perk Three - Lightweight

As with any Call of Duty loadout, there's a lot of room to manoeuvre in this Shotgun Class, even if we think it's the best one available. This is the perfect place to start for those of you who don't really know what you're after, though. You can always edit it later!