A new update is bringing back Call of Duty Prop Hunt

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A new Call of Duty update has arrived today, March 15, and it's a great way to kick off the week!

Here's what we know about the new Call of Duty patch, and what it means for Prop Hunt and new Playlists this week.

Patch Notes - Prop Hunt Returns

Today's Call of Duty update adds two new playlists to Black Ops Cold War, and gives us the promise of Prop Hunt returning to the fold!

Call of Duty Prop Hunt Game Mode
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DON'T MIND ME: Prop Hunt will soon return to Call of Duty!

These new playlists include the following:

  • St. Patrick's Day Stockpile
  • Knife Fight 3v3

While we don't have a definitive return date for Prop Hunt, we know it will be later this month. Prop Hunt is coming back with some new props and new maps - including Miami Strike and Satellite!

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Call of Duty Season 2

Call of Duty's seasons each come with a ton of new content over weeks of drops - and Season 2 is no different!

Call of Duty Season 2 maps game modes zombies guns
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RUNDOWN: Season 2 is massive for Call of Duty

With new maps, game modes, Zombies and Multiplayer features alike - there's still plenty to bite into with COD Season 2.

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