Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Are supply drops making a return in MW?

Will Infinity Ward be bringing back the controversial items to this year's CoD?

With Call of Duty Modern Warfare being just around the corner, we here at RealSport couldn’t be more excited.

However, will the not so famous ‘supply drops’ be making a return… and if so could this make the game pay to win?

RealSport will depict whether this will be the case and should players and fans be worrying?

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Supply Drops Previously

Call of Duty fans first saw the introduction of supply drops in Advanced Warfare, with the announcement leaving players both sceptical and excited for the addition. The year of COD went by, and players soon learned that… it was not a good feature.

This was because the supply drops contained weapon variants, which consequently led to some players having the best guns in the game and others not!

Unfair advantage? YES. If you did play AW, you may remember the insane royalty variants of either the BAL or ASM1… melt machines. It’s clear to see why this meta of supply drops were not liked as others could win gun fights not by skill, but rather buying supply drops.

Call of Duty took a different turn when it came to supply drops after Advanced Warfare, such as only cosmetic items being included in them along with new weapons that were only obtainable via the drops.

The community did not like this idea either; most recently Black Ops 4 implemented a Battle Pass which players could work towards earning tiers which included emblems, calling cards, guns, emotes and more. But yes once again you had to purchase this to be able to unlock everything available!

Will Infinity Ward realise that this is something that the community does not want?

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Modern Warfare

The Art Director at Infinity Ward, Joel Emslie highlighted in a Reddit post his frustrations with people trying to push misinformed and incorrect information about Modern Warfare.

He then goes on to convey that the team at Infinity Ward are 100% not working on any form of supply drops or loot box system in the game.

Although this is a vague statement it tells us one thing... which is that supply drops will definitely not be available on launch day October 25th.

However, although it would be nice to take away from this statement that supply drops won't be a thing in Modern Warfare, it does not specify that they haven't been worked on already or will not be worked on in the future post launch of the game.

In the Beta, some players were experiencing a glitch were they would receive loot boxes after playing a game:

Does this portray that they will be coming at some point? Or have they played around with the idea and decided against it?

At the end of the day Joel Emslie and his team see Modern Warfare as their baby, after having worked on it for the past few years and they don't want anything in the game that could put a bad light on it.

Let us know what you think down below, will they be returning this year or not?

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