Call of Duty: What does the PS5 mean for the future of Modern Warfare & the CoD franchise?

We have a date & information about Sony's next console. What can CoD fans expect?

Sony have made both an exciting and breaking announcement, revealing the name and release date/period of their next gen console.

The new console, given the predictable name of the PS5, will be available for purchase from Holidays 2020, highlighting that we can expect the console to be released late November 2020.

Mark Cerny, Sony’s system architect conveyed all that we can expect with the launch of the Playstation 5 next year and RealSport depict what this means for the future of Call of Duty 2020.

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More powerful CPU and GPU

  • Improved graphics and visual effects.
  • 8K supported graphics (if you have a TV which supports 8K).
  • System memory increase in size and speed.
  • Ability to download larger files.

Ray Tracing

  • Models the travel of light to simulate complex interactions in 3D environments.
  • Leads to heightened realism, as it allows accurate mimicking of how light bounces off different objects.

Ray Tracing is a real time advanced computer graphic system that can generate a life like way of rendering light and shadows. It is used in films and TV shows, however, has only recently seen its introduction into video games on the PC. 

With Ray Tracing having been announced as a feature on the PS5, game developers will be able to increase the levels of graphics and realism in their games which is a dream come true to most for console gamers.

Here is an example of what Ray Tracing can do with a simple game such as Minecraft. Imagine all the endless possibilities with Call of Duty!

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Improved Audio

  • Increased immersion with sounds coming from above, behind and around.
  • Requires no external hardware, but headphone audio will lead to the best results.

Specialised SSD

  • Reduced loading times both on loading screens and fast travel across open world games.
  • Increased speed of how a world can be rendered.
  • Cerny demonstrated how Spiderman moved faster through the streets of Manhattan, due to the faster ability to get data off the improved hard drive.

What does this mean for Call of Duty 2020?

New instalments of Call of Duty are usually released every year in November. The supposed Black Ops V will be released on PS4 first and then later released with the launch of the PS5.

This happened with Call of Duty: Ghosts when the PS4 was released. The graphical difference from the PS3 to PS4 was mind blowing and we here at RealSport can only imagine what it will be like for the PS5.

With improved audio games will be more immersive and captivating for players, although with this change it's evident that both gaming speakers and headsets will most likely gain an increase in quality to keep up from certain manufacturers.

Improved graphics and SSD's will not only mean the game will look amazing and life like but they will be able to run faster and all in all just be a more enjoyable experience when playing!

Treyarch are allegedly taking on next years Call of Duty after just coming out of this years cycle with Black Ops 4. The developer usually takes the route of a very traditional arcade COD with bright colours and easy to look at.

Will Ray Tracing be something they use for a version of their game to increase this area and look of their game?

Let us know what you think we can expect with the PS5 coming next year down below!

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