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Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Huge discount available on amazing shooter

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been a massive success since it dropped last year.

It has pulled older players back into the franchise, and entertained millions with a truly engaging campaign mode and constant innovation in online play.

While a lot of players are focusing on the upcoming fresh deals on PS Plus and Xbox Games With Gold, there are other deals out there that gamers should take advantage of.

One of those is on Infinity Ward's amazing game.

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Where to get the best Call of Duty deal

A spawn point in Picadilly in Call of Duty Modern Warfare
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BATTLE IN THE STREETS: CoD's multiplayer is superb


If you have been holding off buying Call of Duty, or just want to celebrate the end of January with a new game then you are in luck.

UK supermarket Tesco is offering a massive 30% discount on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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You can order online and pick it up in-store, or add it to your next home delivery shop for just £35.

If you have any Amazon vouchers leftover from Christmas then you can get a good bargain there too, where Call of Duty is £37.99. Depending on your delivery options that may turn out to be the cheaper course.

What about PC?

The PC Master Race are not left out of this, and in fact have an even better deal available.

Games Planet has the game on a huge 36% discount at just £31.99.

Talk about a bargain.


Cod 2020 leaks and rumours?

COD 2020 is coming - it's a matter of when not if. 

While there's not much news about the newest Call of Duty, what we do know is that it'll likely release on next-gen consoles - the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

You can Read More about everything we know about the upcoming game here!

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Reviews

A squad tackles a staircase in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
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IN CLOSE: The campaign requires nerves of steel


The game has been well-received in all quarters as a return to glory for the franchise.

Reviews have been glowing, with improved movement, graphics, feedback, and realism. It ties together the power of current consoles with the old spark of CoD excitement.

It is a must-buy for any FPS fans.