Call of Duty Modern Warfare: How to Build 5 Secret Weapons - AK-74u, M16 & More (PS4, XBOX, PC)

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If you feel yourself getting bored of using the same old weapons over and over again, not to to worry, there is a way to play with guns from your past!

Picture yourself running through Crash, which will inevitably be added to this year's Call of Duty Modern Warfare, whilst using the classic AK-74u or the M16... the feeling of joy!


How you may ask? RealSport holds the blueprint on how to build five throwback weapons from past titles, to give you the ability to remember the golden days.

5 Secret Weapons

AK-74u SMG:

  • Base weapon: AK-47 assault rifle
  • Barrel: 8.1" Compact Barrel
  • Stock: Skeleton Stock
  • Ammunition: 5.45 x 39mm 30-Round Mags

ICONIC: The AK-74u can be remade

As it is clear to see the AK-74u isn't all too difficult to build. However, it only requires three attachments to make... feel free to add two more, RealSport suggest an Under barrel attachment to help with recoil.


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M16 AR:

  • Base weapon: M4A1 assault rifle
  • Barrel: Stock m16 Grenadier Barrel
  • Stock: M-16 Stock
  • Perk: Burst

ALMOST: You can get close to this old hero

Although this build resembles the m16 and acts the same, it is just not as good... bummer!

Although, we here at RealSport aren't too sure CoD fans would want something so powerful being in the game... reminds us of something, oh yeah the 725 Shotgun!


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  • Base weapon: AK-47 assault rifle
  • Barrel: 23.0" Romanian Barrel
  • Stock: Field LMG Stock
  • Ammunition: 75 Round Drum Mags

AK FUN: The versatile weapon is the base for magic

The MW2 legend is back! Let's be honest, LMGs in Call of Duty Modern Warfare are actually very good, hence one of the reasons they are banned from competitive CoD.

If you haven't used one yet, why not build the RPD from the AK-47 and have some fun?


Steyr AUG LMG:

  • Base weapon: AUG SMG
  • Barrel: 622mm Long Barrel
  • Optic: Integral 3.0x Optic
  • Ammunition: 5.56 NATO 30-Round Mags

FEARSOME: Bring terror to your enemies with this one

Granted its not the best... but boy oh boy does it bring back some funny memories. Once again only three attachments have been added, make sure you add two more if you want too!

Last but not least:


  • Base weapon: SA87 LMG
  • Barrel: SA87 25.4" Factory Barrel
  • Stock: FFS SA87 Heavy Stock Pro
  • Underbarrel: Bipod
  • Ammunition: 60-Round Mag

THROWBACK: This old-school favourite can do damage

Now this looks a spitting image of the LSW LMG. Heavy, powerful and just a good old throwback.

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Give them a try and let us know what you think, and whether you have discovered any throwback weapons that can be created down below!