Call of Duty Modern Warfare Beta: Ground War Review, Strategies, Vehicles, Weapons & More

With the Beta coming to a close, what can we take away? Will Ground War steal the show?

by Callum Inwood

It has been a busy and hectic two weeks for both Call of Duty players and the Infinity Ward Development team.

With the addition of Ground War in weekend two of the Modern Warfare Beta, RealSport takes a plunge into whether the new game mode could be the star of the show in this years up-and-coming Call of Duty title.

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Change can be scary and not always good, as Infinity Ward soon realised with the disappearance of the mini-map which has since returned to the game after a backlash of bad feedback.

Previous Call of Duty games have also fallen into the trap of trying to be new and innovative only to lose the magic of CoD

Would this be the case with the new Ground War mode which features two teams of 32 playing to capture flags scattered across the map to achieve 250 points? No… no it wouldn’t.

The Most Fun since MW2

Ground War brings spontaneous gameplay, funny moments, Killstreaks and much more, all packed inside of the 32 vs 32 first-person shooter.

It really throws it back to playing the older Modern Warfare titles such as MW2, and that’s no easy task for any developer.

Granted, it can be frustrating at times with either being killed via the oppositions tank or spawning in front of the enemy getting spawn trapped. With a few tweaks all of these small issues will quickly become non-existent.

RealSport’s favourite moment whilst playing the new game mode was going 84-11 and dying one kill of a Nuke. Yes, Earth shattering and upsetting but all the kills along the way were exciting and thrilling.

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Map Size and Vehicles

Karst River Quarry was the only map available to COD fans during the Beta for the 32v32 game mode, but, it has entertained players this weekend and had many speculating about what other maps will be included in the full launch of the game come October 25th.

This is because the map catered to all playing styles whether you enjoy getting down and dirty, amongst all the action or sitting back and sniping players from a distance… it has it all!

Will Infinity Ward be able to keep this in more maps for Ground War?

It can be frustrating having to traverse the map by foot if you have chosen to spawn at HQ and no vehicles are available, but the map size is perfect and really brings the sense of ‘Realism’ that Infinity Ward have been so eager to achieve.

The vehicles that are obtainable at HQ includes a variety of different forms of transport such as tanks, quads and helicopters. Each give their own positives and negatives as to why they should be used.

RealSport’s favourite is the helicopter, and this is because of how quickly it can go from one side of the map to the other. Although we do not recommend hanging around a busy area of attack as it can be quite easily shot down.


Having played the whole second weekend Beta for Modern Warfare, as a team we noticed that knowing all the nooks and crannies of Karst River Quarry will gain you a game changing advantage over the enemy!

Make sure you take your time getting to know all the entrances and exits and cover your six.

Running an Overkill class on Ground War is what we would recommend to be the most successful at any point on the map. This is because you can then get kills from both long range or short range. We suggest using both the AX-50 sniper rifle and M4A1 assault rifle.

You will soon learn that a sniper rifle can be the best option to run with all the longer ranges of sight available across the map.


Along with the general multiplayer game modes, Infinity Ward is really onto something good here with the Ground War game mode.

If all the little bugs are sorted then this could be a game changer for the franchise and even has the possibility to convert hardcore Battlefield fans to Call of Duty, potentially seeing the highest amount of COD players over the last few years.

Let us know down below how you are feeling and whether you would like to see old school maps created into a 32v32 Ground War map on October 25th.

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Callum Inwood