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Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Top 5 Tips to Dominate in Domination

Domination. Would Call of Duty be as fun without it?

The game mode is a fan-favourite, allowing players to work as a team to capture three flags across different maps, in a race to achieve 200 points first.

Whether you are new to the game, or wondering why you are losing games, RealSport has the blueprint to turn any player from a loser to a winner.

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Play the Objective

If you are playing Domination but are not in the game to capture the flags then prepare for your win/loss ratio to decrease.

You will not...You will not, win any games just going for kills.

If kills are all you are going for, do your team a favour and playing Team Death Match. But, if you are here to play the objective then you are already half way to become the perfect team mate.


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It may seem like a silly tip, but when you are playing Domination, your goal is to capture the flags. If a players objective is to only get kills, 9 times out of 10, your team will end up loosing, because you are practically a man down.

Learn the Spawns

Knowing where the enemy team is spawning will help you to position yourself to be able to hold flags and gain kills.

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A Domination game will typically go down with one team holding two flags and the other being held by the second team. It's common knowledge that the enemy is most likely to spawn by the single flag that they have captured.


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With this information you can make lines of sight at cross ways and junctions on the map to stop them from venturing out!

However, make sure you don't push the spawn to hard as spawns will flip causing them to spawn behind you... and you don't want that.

Dominate B Flag

This goes without saying, the team who holds the B flag will most likely end up winning the game. Playing as a team, will give you the best chances of winning.

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BETA BEFORE ALPHA: Concentrate on B Flag


Make sure you speak with those in the lobby who are using microphones, where the enemy is. Granted, Domination is a casual game mode, where not everyone is playing to win. But who doesn't love a big fat W?

A tactic that can be used to get a head start in the game, is ensuring that two players capture the flag near spawn and the remaining four push B flag to ensure they can capture it before the opposition.

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This may not be as easy as it sounds without a team, which leads into the next point:

Play with friends

Playing with friends will make winning Domination a whole lot easier!

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KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE: The more you play together the more in-sync you will become


Playing with people you know and are comfortable speaking with, will allow you to communicate where each of you are and where the enemy is.

Make sure if you are serious about winning, hop into the game with at least one pal!

Use the BEST Loadouts

In public matches, many players tend to experiment when it comes to use weapons and attachments.

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However, if you are serious about winning, which if you're reading this you are, head over our best Class Setup guide:


Use these to give yourself the best chance of gaining kills you would never have dreamed of!

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