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Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Cheapest place to buy the new FPS - Here's how to claim Infinity Wards latest smash for only £34.99

Boy, oh boy are we close... with just over a week to go until the launch of Call of Duty Modern Warfare, the hype is getting bigger and bigger.

COD MW is available for Pre-order, but if you haven't got the cash, you will need to be smart about where to buy the game.

Fortunately for you RealSport has you covered... with a deal that will allow you to pick the game up for the mere price of £34.99.


This is because TopCashback is currently doing a deal that, providing you clear a few hurdles, allows you to pick up the game for £15 less from GAME.

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Heres how to get it:

  1. Sign up to TopCashback site, for free
  2.  Head to the GAME website via TopCashback's £15 Call of Duty Modern Warfare page and shop like normal. You can pick up any version of COD.
  3.  Receive £15 cashback from TopCashback once your purchase has been confirmed (usually no more than two weeks), which you can then transfer straight into your bank account, PayPal or as gift vouchers

What else you need to know?

TopCashback reserves the right to end the £15 cashback at GAME deal at any time without notice. Purchases made after this time will not receive the cashback offer. 

This offer is limited to 5,000 redemptions on a first come first serve basis. Should the redemption limit be hit, this will be made clear on the offer page. So make sure you buy it ASAP to be within the first 5000 people.

This offer can only be redeemed once per household on a first come first served basis. If a member applies for the offer from the same household as an already successful purchase, it will be declined.

Remember, you can find out all about Call of Duty Modern Warfare news by heading to out page Here.

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