Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Campaign, Reveal Trailer, Captain Price & more (PS4, Xbox and PC)

The re-instalment of the MW campaign is upon us and its set to be the best one yet!

Assuming those of you who are reading this are fans of the Call of Duty franchise, you would have been upset by the fact that the most recent Call of Duty Black Ops 4 did not include the infamous campaign mode which has been one if its main features since the beginning of its time.

Why did it not include a campaign? Treyarch felt that it was time to move on from this section of the game and move in the direction with everyone else of adding a Battle Royale.

But boy oh boy were they wrong… the campaign was greatly missed by so many in the last year. 

Don’t get it wrong, Blackout was incredible and really highlighted why Call of Duty would make an amazing Battle Royale, but the game was missing something and that something was being able to dive deep into the world of CoD through its campaign.

RealSport depicts the upcoming campaign mode that will be included in this years Modern Warfare!

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Campaign Trailer

If you haven't watched it already... WATCH IT! 

If it doesn't get your blood pumping and pulse raising for the campaign coming this year, then we here at RealSport don't know what will. 

Activision released the Campaign trailer on September 24th during Sony's State of Play event. This was the first time getting a detailed look into the Campaign that will come with Modern Warfare on October 25th.

The Story bases around partnering up with special forces and freedom fighters to retrieve stolen chemical weapons. Covert operations will take you across Europe and the Middle East in order to stop a full scale global war.

The world will look to you to complete tasks that need to be done!

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Familiar Faces

Captain John Price makes his return in the Modern Warfare Campaign 2019, the SAS soldier has appeared in all the MW series and is a fan favourite.

He operates in the shadows for the British Special Air Service (SAS), and has pledged to keep the world safe. If he does his job correctly – we won’t hear anything about it.

In the new Modern Warfare campaign, Price is to be considered one of the main characters along with:

  • Commander Farah Karim

Farah Karim was born into conflict; she didn’t choose this life. Every day is a battle as she fights for freedom as the leader of the Urzik militia.

  • "Alex"

A career CIA agent, "Alex" takes an assignment, completes the mission, and moves on. Now embedded with local forces, the stakes are much higher.

  • The Wolf

The Wolf pursues independence for his people by any means necessary. His insurgents are solely focused on removing his homeland’s foreign occupiers.

  • Sergeant Kyle Garrick

A former British Army Officer, Garrick now works counter-terrorism in London. He is frustrated that more isn’t being done to tackle today’s threats.

These five characters will be the heart and sole of the Campaign missions and when released you will begin to learn much, much more about them.

Behind the Scenes Story Trailer

Learn more about the campaign by watching this video! It conveys how it's based on today's world we live in and how real life events are dealt with. Furthermore, this further portrays Activision's vision of Realism in the new game.

We here at RealSport are very excited to get our hands on the game and cannot wait to dive deep into all the features yet to be discovered in campaign, multiplayer and Spec Ops.

Let us know down below if you are excited and if not why?

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