Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Best Beta Class Set Ups, Attachments, Perks, Field Upgrades

Weekend one of the beta is coming to a close. What loadouts have shined so far?

by Callum Inwood

The Exclusive PS4 Call of Duty Beta finishes today at 7pm BST.

With Playstation players having spent the weekend figuring out what guns give them the highest chance of success in a battle, we here at RealSport want to relay this knowledge onto both Xbox and PC players who are itching to get a taste of their first Modern Warfare gameplay.

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Xbox and PC Beta

Being a COD fan must be tough when you play on either Xbox or PC knowing that all its content will be delayed either a week or month compared to the Playstation.

However, not to worry, if you have pre-ordered the game on Xbox and PC, early access will be granted to you on Thursday September 19th to Friday 20th at 6pm BST.

This will be open to:

  • Xbox and PC pre-orders
  • ALL Playstation players

If you are waiting to play before pre-ordering the game, then you are in luck! The Beta will be open to all PS4, Xbox and PC players. When…?

Saturday September 21st to Monday 23rd: Open Beta on all platforms.

Best Class Set Ups

After having played since September 12th and being able to try out all the weapons available in the first 20 levels that were unlockable; we are here to give you a competitive advantagover the opposition when you drop in on the 19th.

The Edit Loadouts system is only accessible after achieving level 4 in the Beta, but don’t stress… this takes a mere two games to achieve if you can average 10-15 kills. Winning the games you play will also propel you quicker to this level.

What pre-set Class should you use before unlocking Edit Loadout?

  • Assault
  • Ghost
  • Demolition

The Assault class comprises the FR 5.56 (MW2 FAMAS), and the M19 Handgun. The player who likes to get into medium to longer range gun fights should use this class; this is because it is extremely accurate with little recoil.

We do not recommend using this if you are a gun runner, who likes to get amongst the action. Instead, we suggest using the Ghost class, which includes the AUG Submachine Gun. This is for the short to medium range gun fights.

It’s advised to use the Ghost class before being level 4 whilst playing game modes such as Cyber Attack, this is because of the Perks it has:

  • Perk 1 – Cold Blooded – Undetectable by AI targeting systems (Kill Streaks).
  • Perk 2 – Ghost – Undetectable by UAVs and Radar Drones.
  • Perk 3 – Spotter – See enemy equipment.

All three are useful giving yourself the best chance to stay alive and win games.

Last but not least, the Demolition class. The all time fan-favourite AK-47 which performs similar to its predecessors… packing a punch with its Secondary Weapon the PILA (Rocket Launcher).

Surprisingly, the Secondary (PILA) can come in handy to takedown enemy score streaks such as the UAV or VTOL Strike (MW2 Harriers).

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Class One

MP5 – This Submachine Gun is available from the get go, once reached level 4. Its quick, powerful and can be accurate (this depends on player). Levelling the gun up by using it in games will allow you to create in GUNSMITH what RealSport views as one of the best guns in the Beta so far!


  • 1mW Laser – For better Hip Fire Accuracy.
  • Lightweight Stock – Faster movement while staying on target.
  • Vertical Foregrip – Better control of Vertical recoil.
  • Pistol Grip – Stippled – Keeps the MP5 in control while performing high speed maneuvers.
  • Perk FMJ – Increased bullet penetration.

When each of these attachments are unlocked and used cohesively together on the MP5 it makes one of the best Gun Runner classes so far available in the first 20 Levels.

Secondary Weapon: 

.50 GS (Desert Eagle COD 4) brings back the older Call of Duty feelings. Its powerful, looks good and kills quick… a trusty side arm.

The only negative is that you have to be very accurate with it.


  • Perk 1 – Double Time – Doubles duration of tactical sprint. Increases crouch movement speed by 30%.

This Perk adds on to the speed of the class, which allows you to move around the map quicker than your opponents and reach objectives quicker, making kills easy.

  • Perk 2 – Ghost – Undetectable by UAVs and Radar Drones.

With the Mini-Map being a controversial topic currently in the Beta, Ghost makes you invisible to the enemy team when they have a UAV or Radar Drone flying around. You are then able to flank the enemy and again get easy kills.

  • Perk 3 – Battle Hardened – Reduces strength of enemy flash, stun and EMP effects.

We here at RealSport learned the hard way that both Flash and Stun Grenades are overpowered and it can become frustrating not being able to move or see when hit by one. Having this perk on decreases the strength and the stress that comes with it.


  • Claymore / Frag Grenade

Either of these will make a great Lethal for you to carry on the battlefield. In game modes such as Cyber Attack, Claymores would be ideal to leave near the bomb or door ways where the enemy may be crossing.

If you are playing either Domination or Headquarters, Frag Grenades are perfect to cook and throw into or on the objective; allowing you to pick up a couple of kills.


  • Flash / Stun Grenade

As earlier discussed, both Tactical equipments are powerful and can cause some serious distortion to the opposition on any game mode. RealSport suggest throwing these in rooms where the enemy is likely to be.


This Class can quickly become your best friend in gun fights saving you from death. Give it a go once all unlocked when dropping in coming September 19th 6pm BST.

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Class Two

M4A1 – This Assault Rifle like the MP5 is also available as soon as the Edit Loadout sector has been unlocked. This AR is a fully automatic, all purpose battle rifle. If you can control your shots, it can be very effective at all ranges. 

This can be made easy with Attachments that can be unlocked through levelling up the weapon whilst using it in games.


  • Muzzle Breacher Device – Enables one hit melee kills.
  • Optic Operator Reflex Sight – Providing higher precision.
  • Under-barrel Angled Foregrip – Additional control for recoil.
  • Gun Perk FMJ – Increased bullet penetration.

Unlocking all of these attachments may take a few games, but once they are available, you will understand that it was definitely worth it, making the weapon a beast.

As for all the Secondary Weapon, Perks, Lethal and Tactical equipment we recommend you use the same as Class one. However, play around and find out what suits your playing style best. 

Another option being Hardline in Perk 2 to gain killstreaks quicker.

Let us know if you have any classes you would like to share and whether you would change any aspects of ours down below!

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Callum Inwood