Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019: New Battle Royale Mode, Campaign, Gunfights on PS4, PC & Xbox One

The global reveal went down a treat, but what about the rumours of a Battle Royale mode?

by Louis Hutchinson

The most exciting prospect in Modern Warfare 2019 is the highly speculated feature of a Battle Royale.

No confirmation from Infinity Ward or Activision, a Modern Warfare 2019 Battle Royale looks imminent thanks to many leaks. 

It still remains to be seen how that affects Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode, with new content added on a regular basis. Could the new revealed Gunsmith be implemented in some way to the Modern Warfare 2019 Battle Royale? 

Battle Royale

August 1st, 2019 saw the global multi-player reveal of Modern Warfare, and we were treated to a more in-depth look into Gunfights, a 2v2 close-quarters mode. 

Youtuber TheGamingRevolution, was one of the first to leak information about Gunfight a few weeks back, he is now claiming that ‘Battle royale is 100% in Modern Warfare’. 

Similarly to Blackout, it will consist of different maps in the game’s franchise. We will see past Modern Warfare maps in Modern Warfare 2019’s battle royale. TheGamingRevolution listed maps that are making a remastered return as a part of the Battle Royale game mode. 

TheGamingRevolution confirmed the remastered maps those are:

  • Shipment (Modern Warfare MP)
  • Scrapyard (Modern Warfare 2 MP)
  • Wetwork (Modern Warfare MP)
  • Vacant (Modern Warfare MP)
  • Rust (Modern Warfare 2 MP)
  • Broadcast (Modern Warfare MP)
  • Gulag (Modern Warfare 2 Campaign)
  • Backlot (Modern Warfare MP)
  • Boneyard (Modern Warfare 2 MP)
  • Terminal (Modern Warfare 2 MP)

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He emphasised that both the Spec Ops and Battle Royale map are very similar and are constantly changing. 

What is there now may not be there at launch – specifically re-made areas may be saved for post-launch Downloadable content. 


We’ve heard rumours the campaign is less on-the-rails than previous Call of Duty games.

You can approach each mission the way you like, either guns blazing or with stealth. Every decision you make will have an impact – although how much of impact is yet to be revealed.

The environment is also interactive and destructible.

Familiar faces returning to Modern Warfare in 2019?

Fan-favourite Captain Price is just one of the characters from the previous games who will return. Other than that, there have been hints that Sergeant Griggs and Nikolai will make an appearance.

Game Modes

Only one Modern Warfare 2019 game mode has been confirmed, Gunfight.

It is a new 2v2 game mode that we saw in the recent creator mini multiplayer reveal.

Teams are put into a small map, where they must fight to eliminate the opposing team. All players have one life per round and do not regenerate health.

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At the start of a round, all players are given the same class, but it is randomised every few rounds. The first to 10 round wins will be the victor.

Photo credit: Syndicate

There are other Modern Warfare 2019 game modes that are rumoured to be included but we’ll keep you updated as and when new information is released.


According to Forbes, cross-platform for Modern Warfare 2019 will work across PS4, PC and Xbox One and will offer input-based matchmaking – the same system as Fortnite.

Players will enter lobbies that are using the same controller method. If you’re using a controller on any platform, you’ll be matched with other players using a controller. If you are in a party containing different inputs, then players will be paired with PC players using a keyboard and mouse.

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Louis Hutchinson