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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019: Killstreaks confirmed, Specialists and Scorestreaks

Photo via Activision

Leaks and rumours have been circulating about killstreaks in Modern Warfare 2019's multiplayer.

We’re getting closer towards Modern Warfare’s release on October 25th and we have yet to hear about the feature. According to the rumours, it sounds like we will see something that operates very similar to the MW3 style - comprising specialist streaks, killstreaks, and scorestreaks. 

This leak comes from Youtuber TheGamingRevolution, who has been revealing plenty of Modern Warfare 2019 information, via an unknown source. 

As we have no real idea who this source is, we must take what has been said with an air of skepticism. However, the suggested streaks are very similar to those used in past Call of Duty games and would be logical inclusions.

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What Killstreaks are in Modern Warfare 2019?

  • Personal UAV - This is an unmanned helicopter that flies around and pings enemies on a mini-map (it's noted that there is no mini-map at present)
  • Shielded Turret - A deployable turret that comes equipped with a shield
  • Care Package - As we've seen in Call of Duty games since Modern Warfare 2, this drop provides a random killstreak
  • Scrambler Drone - A deployable drone that will hover to an area and disrupt enemy mini-maps
  • Cluster Strike - Allows you to tag an area with a laser, this signals fighter jets to bombard an area with gunfire
  • Cruise Missile - Deploys a missile from the sky to impact an area with high damage
  • UAV - This is like the Personal UAV, but provides a mini-map for the whole team
  • Precision Airstrike - This allows you to mark an area on the battlefield to send a barrage of mortars
  • Wilson - A small remote tank that you drive and shoot enemies with high-calibre and explosive rounds (works like a Cerberus from Black Ops 3)
  • Chopper - Take control of a chopper and mow down enemies with bullets and missiles
  • Pavelow - An AI chopper that assists you in battle
  • Advanced UAV - This acts like a blackbird from the Black Ops series, where it will show the enemy team constantly and the way they're facing
  • White Phosphorus - Planes will drop a chemical strike of white phosphorus canisters in a straight line
  • Bradley - You receive a two-man tank on a selected location (only available on large maps)
  • VTOL - A fighter jet that hovers a selected area and rains down hellfire on enemies
  • Juggernaut - This sends down a juggernaut equipment suit at a targeted area, similar to Modern Warfare 3 (currently the highest streak on the game)
  • Nuke - A reported 25 kills in a row will give you a nuke that will end the game and award you the win
  • Gunship (AC-130) - The AC-130 is in the game, however, it is called a gunship, they have yet to acquire the license for its name
  • Helo - Again, the license has yet to be obtained for the name
  • Sentry Gun - A deployable automated turret.
  • Shield Turret - Chest high shield with a turret you can operate, probably on a vehicle
  • Emergency Drop - Four care packages dropped on a marked location

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What else do we know about Killstreaks in Modern Warfare 2019?

Photo via Activision

Along with this list of killstreaks, we are also likely to see more streaks in the future. TheGamingRevolution claimed his source was simply reciting streaks from memory and that he could not remember all of them.

It's important to know that they are in fact 'killstreaks' and not 'scorestreaks' as has been the case in the past. This is an interesting development as scorestreaks were introduced to encourage players to play the objective and reward team players for their hard work. Now it appears we will be reverting to a more selfish style - this could change by launch time.

Recently, TheGamingRevolution revealed that there are three types of streaks: Killstreaks, Scorestreaks and Specialist Streaks. Presumably, this will all operate very similar to the MW3 killstreak system.