Call of Duty Mobile: Best Guns to use in online multiplayer

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The interesting thing about Call of Duty Mobile and other first-person shooter games is that each weapon has its own unique capabilities.

This means you have to be tactical while choosing a weapon. Call of Duty is more of a tactical game, as you must understand your weapon and know both its strengths and weaknesses. 


In Call of Duty Mobile, there are metrics that are used to rate a weapon: Damage, Accuracy, Range, Fire Rate, Mobility. Each of these metrics is important in its own right. 

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Also, different guns are better suited for different maps, some maps are larger and have more space than others, for larger maps, you need a weapon with long-range such as a sniper, whereas, for smaller or more compact maps, range is not really an important metric. 

Here are our top 5 guns right now...


ALL BASES COVERED: You can't go wrong with the AK

In no particular order, the first we want to mention is the infamous AK-47. The gun is simply an all-rounder, meaning you can use it in any map and get good results.


It has a decent amount of damage, a good range, mobility and it also has decent fire rate. The only drawback of this weapon is its accuracy which you can add extra optics to improve.

This gun is one you can have confidence in to deliver good kills in any map and any game mode.

RPD - Machine Gun

LOCK & LOAD: No other gun offers the amount of rounds as the RPD

The RPD has several drawbacks - it is bulky, the accuracy is quite low and the damage is not excellent.

It has one great strength however and that is, the sheer number of rounds you can fire before you reload - 100 rounds of bullets!


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One of the major weaknesses of weapons that gets several players killed is reloading, when faced with several opponents at the same time, something you don’t want is to run out of bullets.

The machine gun gets you covered for that, you can use this weapon to face three or four opponents at the same time and possibly take them all out just because you didn’t have to reload while they were reloading their weapons.

Even though it's only strength of the machine gun, this is a game-changer.


KEEP IT TIGHT: The AKS is perfect for smaller maps


Another variation of the AK, this gun is really good for compact or small maps, where you are close to your opponents as it does not have a great range.

It is quick, has excellent damage and a good fire rate. It can deliver a lot of kills for you but you must get close to your opponents for it to do so. 

DL Q33 - Sniper

PATIENCE: The DL can pick off enemies from range

Next, we have the DL Q33 sniper. This weapon is a beast if you spend your time to master it. It will deliver lethal and excellent results in large maps, and it has amazing damage and range.

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Two maps where this gun shines are “Crash” and “CrossFire” map, where there are plenty of hiding spots. With this weapon, you only need one good shot to take down an opponent.

This is a really good weapon if you don’t like to move around, also, you need to spend some time with it to improve your accuracy.

BY15 - Shotgun

GET UP CLOSE: You'll struggle with the BY15 in larger maps

This weapon is the opposite of the sniper. The BY15 has excellent damage and accuracy but has a mediocre range, so for it to be lethal, you have to get close to your opponents.

In maps such as “CrossFire”, you may have a hard time with this weapon but for smaller maps such as “Kill House”, you can trust the shotgun to deliver very good results.


That’s it for our top guns of this week, let us know in the comment section what your own top 5 picks are.

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