Call of Duty: MiDNiTE on leaving OpTic, joining Minnesota CoD team

The former OpTic Gaming content creator has now found a new home in her hometown.

Ashley “MiDNiTE” Glassel is one of the original core members of OpTic Gaming, having represented the legendary organization for over 10 years she now resides on a new team.

With Call of Duty esports set to become a franchised league for the next game Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Ashley has now taken on a new role as a consultant with her hometown team. She joins the Call of Duty Minnesota team which is co-owned by Wise Ventures and Vayner Media/Sports owner and entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk.

We spoke with MiDNiTE about her new role within the Minnesota team, leaving OpTic Gaming and the future of esports as a whole!

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Nick Farrell: First off congrats on your new role with Wise Venture Esports or the Minnesota Call of Duty franchised league! Now that the dust has settled since your announcement how have things been with the team and what are you most excited about the future? 

Ashley “MiDNiTE” Glassel: Thank you! Things with the team have been kicking off great! It’s awesome to be a part of the core team that’s launching this franchise, things have been steadily getting more busy as we move forward. I am the most excited to help build a championship-caliber roster and create content surrounding our pro players to help connect to our fanbase in Minnesota and beyond.

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Nick: Before joining Call of Duty Minnesota, you were amongst the core OpTic Gaming content creators who were recently sold to IGC. From your eyes, how was the sale handled down the stretch and do you think IGC deserves as much negativity as they are receiving?

MiDNiTE: From my perspective, knowledge of and about the sale was very limited. It was a very controversial and unknown time for outsiders and the team on the inside as well. I don’t think fans are misplaced when they are being vocal about support for Hector.

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Nick: IGC/OpTic will also be joining the Call of Duty Franchise League next season, why did you opt to take a position with Minnesota over seeking a position with them? 

MiDNiTE: After 10 years with OpTic Gaming, I decided that too much had and was about to change for me to want to stick around much. I was already battling with myself internally on how to depart from something I had been a part of for so long when I heard about the MN Vikings (my fav sports franchise) and Gary Vee investing into a Call of Duty franchise right in my own backyard here in Minnesota. After speaking with the leadership at MN CoD, I was immediately impressed by their goals and vision for achieving them.

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Nick: From what the public knows you will be a Consultant for Call of Duty Minnesota, what can you specify what your job will entail throughout the next year or so?

MiDNiTE: Right away, I am consulting on a range of things, from branding, social media, building our team internally and player side, our HQ, as well as content surrounding all of the above. Within the next year, once things get into gear, I would like a more focused role, but for now, I’m doing a bit of everything!  

Nick: Call of Duty may not be the esport it once was viewership wise as we have it seen a drop in numbers throughout the years. Do you think the excitement behind the franchised league will improve the viewership if not what do you think needs to be done?

MiDNiTE: I think eventually, Call of Duty can grow back to and beyond where the viewership once was. Call of Duty has such a passionate and engaged community, and when you look at the competitive community, it’s even MORE passionate and engaged. I think a combination of competitive support from the folks making the games, the league rooting teams regionally, and players continuing to be as involved on social media as they already are will allow the entire CoD esports community to thrive.

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Nick: At the end of this interview, I would like to say thank you for taking the time to partake in this! As well is there anything you would like to say to your fans and supporters who have been there throughout all the years?

MiDNiTE: Thank you so much to anyone who has rocked with me! Whether they watched me back in the day, or still continue to tune into my streams and keep up with me on Twitter, I very much appreciate it. To the future!

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