Leaks suggest that Call of Duty's Days of Summer event is returning this year

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Call of Duty's Days of Summer event could be returning next month and leaks are starting to crop up regarding what we might see. Here's the latest on what we know about the next mid-season event.

The Days of Summer Leaks

At the moment, there's only really one set of "Days of Summer" leaks to talk about and they're not very telling. All we seem to know at the moment is the "Days of Summer" event is due to start soon for both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War.


That, and that it looks like it might be Olympics-themed, taking us back in time another decade. It isn't exactly what a lot of people wanted to hear and we're not sure the time jump fits in with Treyarch's narrative for Warzone... But, it's possible.

You can check out the leak for yourself below. It's from a reputable source, but take it with a grain of salt all the same.

When Is The Next Event Due?

Following the 80s Action Heroes event in Season 3, it's becoming increasingly likely that the Days of Summer event will be introduced in the larger mid-season update that's due in a few weeks.


With this in mind, we know exactly when we're expecting the Days of Summer event to kick off. Both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War should be receiving their mid-season update around July 15th. This is six weeks from the start of the season and leaves ample time for a two-week event ahead of Season 5 the month after.

Days of Summer Event Leaks Call of Duty WW2
IT ALL LINES UP - These dates would be almost identical to WWII's Days of Summer event

We don't know if this is the case for certain, so take it with a grain of salt. However, it is an educated guess.

What Do We Expect?

As you might imagine, the "Days of Summer" event is a Summer-themed event. In the past, we've seen Summer-themed variants of existing maps, Summer-Themed cosmetic items (like Calling Cards and Emblems) and a few interesting takes on existing game modes.


We're not expecting Call of Duty to blow us away with anything too outlandish, so Raven Software and Treyarch should follow suit with a few minor changes. The 80s Action Heroes mid-season event was the perfect taster for what we might see from a Days of Summer event.

There's going to be a Reward Track with Event Challenges and unlockable cosmetics; These will most likely be Emblems, Calling Cards, and Weapon Charms.

Then, we should see a series of Summer-themed Operator Bundles and Weapon Blueprint Bundles appear in the in-game Store throughout the event.

As for Verdansk '84, if the rumours are true this could become Verdansk '75. This could allow Raven Software to throw a beach-style area into the bottom half of the map and add Event Objectives to that area. This would follow on from the success they saw with Nakatomi Plaza and the 80s Action Heroes event.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered Beach Bog Days of Summer Leaks
HIT THE DUNES - Could we see a Black Ops Cold War map get covered in sand?

Finally, we should see a couple of the Black Ops Cold War maps get a few Summer-themed makeovers. Hijacked is the obvious choice here, seeing as it's on a Superyacht. However, we're expecting something like another variation on Miami or perhaps a Checkmate where the hangar is filled with sand and deckchairs. Modern Warfare Remastered did a similar thing with Bog, which isn't exactly the map you'd expect to be given the "Days of Summer" treatment.

Of course, if the Days of Summer event is Olympic-themed... This opens up the mid-season event to a whole host of other changes. At this stage, we'll just have to wait and see.