12 Nov 2020 11:05 AM +00:00

Call of Duty Cold War: Loadouts from beta might not be as effective as guns get buffed/nerfed ahead of launch

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War finally launches tomorrow!

After a terrific beta that had plenty of players loving the game, a patch dropped into the game that could change plenty.

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Black Ops Cold War update nerfs guns

While all eyes were on the game modes and stability fixes that came in, there were plenty of changes to how effective weapons are that could totally change your play.

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INCOMING: Get ready for a Cold War this weekend

Plenty of gamers will have created some loadouts that work brilliantly for them, but if you dive straight in and try to play the same way after release you'll be in for a nasty surprise.

Treyarch has changed things up, buffing some guns and nerfing others.


SMG nerf

The biggest one of the lot is that SMGs will be less effective at long range.

This should make them far less dominant than they were during the beta, so be ready to switch out to an AR on more open maps!

LMG tweaks

Damage has been buffed for LMGs. This is a welcome move for those used to gunning down enemies with them on Warzone.

cod black ops lmg
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PERFECTLY BALANCED: As all things should be

To balance this, the ADS has been increased. That should prevent them becoming OP, so be ready to take a little longer to get set when you boot up the game.

Krig 6 and XM4 new standard for ARs

When it comes to assault rifles, the Krig 6 and XM4 are being used as a kind of baseline for ARs.

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OL' FAITHFUL: The XM4 was a favourite during the beta

The general performance of the AR weapons has been tuned to be more like the way Krig 6 and XM4 played on the beta. Except for the AK-47, which has thankfully had its recoil increased.

Slow down soldier

Sprint speed with the knife has also been dropped.

This should stop quite so many sprint-killers from taking over the map.