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14 Nov 2020

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies - How to activate the Die Maschine song - Easter Eggs, Cassettes, Locations & more

The easter egg to activate a song is something you can't miss from a Zombies map.

Read on to learn how to activate Die Maschine's song in Black Ops Cold War.


How to make the Easter Egg of the song

The format of the song's easter egg is the same as always, so you should find three objects scattered in specific locations on the map.

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This time it's three cassettes from the 80s as that's the time when the map takes place and then you can see the location of each

Cassette 1

The first cassette is in Nacht der Untoten's classic room,  known as the "Living Room" on the minimap.

nacht der untoten's room

This room is accessible through the door with a drawing of a rabbit that is in the initial area. Once inside, the cassette will be in the corner furniture you see on the left in the top image.

cassette 1 quarter of nacht

Cassette 2

The second cassette will be located in the room where the Speed Cola is, which is known as "Medical Bay".

medical bay room ee song

Upon arrival, you will have to go up to the second floor to enter a small corridor.

If you are on the stairs on the opposite side of the Speed Cola, as seen in the image, the cassette will be on the furniture that can be seen when entering.

medical bay casete ee song

Cassette 3

The last cassette will be at the bottom of the particle accelerator room, the same place where the portal to the dark ether is created and where the Pack-A-Punch is located.

particle accelerator fourth ee song

Just go down the stairs and you'll have to go to the left side where some computers are located. You can see this section better in the following image:

lower level particle accelerator and song

Once there, the cassette will be on top of a piece of furniture right on the verge of falling off as you can see in this other image.

particle accelerator cassette ee song

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