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*UPDATED* Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Release: How to play the game early

With the new Call of Duty title's release tomorrow, many players are excited for the launch!

However, some players around the world have managed to gain access to the game early.

With Twitch now full of individuals playing the game, let's take a look at how you can too!

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Play Cold War Early!

Many individuals on Twitch streaming the game now will have early access.

However, some individuals do not have early access to the game and have instead done another nifty trick to gain access.

cod black ops cold war vehicle
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COLD WAR: Some players are on the game early!

Instead, players are opting to change their console's location to New Zealand.

This seems to be letting Xbox players get on the game early, but we don't yet have confirmation for PlayStation and PC players!


Playstation Players

For PlayStation players, the work-around is far more difficult.

Unfortunately, the console, and purchases made on it, are region locked.

cod cold war beta 2
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THE REAL DEAL: The beta showed promise, we're excited to play the full game!

As such, in order to take advantage of playing the game early, players will need a friend/relative in New Zealand.


They will then have to ask said friend or relative to purchase some gift cards for them from the PS Store.

The hopeful player can then input these giftcards and purchase the game again, with the giftcards registered in New Zealand.

This should then make the game playable straight away for the individual!

PC Players

Unfortunately, there is not currently a work around for PC gamers trying to play Cold War.

cod black ops cold war in game 3
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COLD WAR: The setting means much of the action takes place in Russia

A number of methods have been tried, including using a VPN, however, battle.net does not detect the user as in said region.

As such, PC players will unfortunately have to wait until the game releases officially.

For those in the UK, this means that the game will be playable at 5am tomorrow morning, on 13 November.

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