Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War - Battle Worn Weapon Project - How to Unlock, Rewards, Warzone & more

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Prior to the release

of Black Ops Cold War, 

Activision revealed that they will be giving away a shotgun weapon project in Treyarch's new title.

You'll have a couple of tasks to complete if you want to unlock it.


How to Unlock

The "Battle Worn" weapon project is a variation for the Hauer 77 shotgun.

Unlocking it couldn't be more straightforward, simply turn on email notifications for your Call of Duty account.

Firstly, log

in to this

link and sign in with the same account you use for Black Ops Cold War.

battle worn bocw step 0 5
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Once inside, go to the top bar and hover over the mouse or pointer where it says your username.

From there a menu will be displayed and you have to go where it says "Preferences".

battle worn bocw step 1
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The last thing you need to do is go down until you find the next section and select the box next to where it says "Call of Duty":

battle worn bocw step 2
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This will activate email notifications for everything related to Call of Duty and will also reward you with your free weapon project.

According to Activision, users will receive the weapon project through their email after signing in to Black Ops Cold War for the first time.

Will it come to Warzone?

This project can also be boasted in Warzone, but you'll have to wait a while for that.

A SIMPLE DESIGN – This Hauer 77 weapon project features three equipped accessories

All Black Ops Cold War weapons will be added to Warzone when the first season begins, which is scheduled for





Once integrated, the weapons will have a sign indicating which game each one comes from, either Modern Warfare or Cold War, to avoid confusion between players.

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