BOCW Firebase Z: How To Turn The Power On

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Firebase Z is now out and is the first piece of Zombies DLC to be released for Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War, and it is entirely free.

Here is how to turn the power on so you can fully explore the map.

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How To Turn The Power On

To turn the power on and gain access to all the map, there are three reactors that need to be activated and costs 500 points to begin, which shouldn't be difficult to secure.

The first reactor is in the Mission Control room so isn't difficult to find.

Pay the 500 points and then protect the two collection units from any zombies that might rear their ugly heads.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Firebase Z Zombies Map
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NEW: Firebase Z is the new map that has come to Zombies

The next reactor can be found at Military Command, this is one of the easier ones due to it being a large open area so it is easy to deal with any of the undead that may be coming for you.

Finally, head to the Data Center to activate the final reactor.

Once done a pulse of Dark Aether energy which acts like a Nuke and eliminates any enemies.

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You will also get 1000 extra points after turning on the third reactor.

Now you will have the ability to explore the entirety of the map, as some doors require the power to be on before they can be opened.

1.11 Update

The Black Ops Cold War 1.11 update is now live, adding a classic Black Ops 2 map to the multiplayer side of the game, as well as Firebase Z in the Zombies mode.


Express is the new multiplayer map that has been added to multiplayer, remastered and rebuilt from the ground up.

Black Ops Cold War February 4 1.11 Update Black Ops 2 Express New Map
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CLASSIC - Express was a fan-favourite on Black Ops 2!

Express features close-quarters combat and long sight-lines bisected by a speeding train.

It provides the perfect mix of short-range gunfights and longer sniping options with an environmental hazard proven to cause chaos.


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Playlist Updates

So far, we know a few things are coming to Black Ops Cold War via the February 4 1.11 Update.

An "Endurance" playlist is coming to Fireteam: Dirty Bomb and will push your squad to its' limits.

Black Ops Cold War February 4 1.11 Update Fireteam Dirty Bomb
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BOOM - Fireteam: Dirty Bomb is large-scale Call of Duty chaos!

In this game mode, as soon as a bomb is detonated another will come online.

In addition to this, there's also going to be a score increase. Now, 1000 points will be needed to win! This is double the usual amount.

Prop Hunt is also getting a few more maps. These will be existing Black Ops Cold war Multiplayer maps, but fans of the mode will undoubtedly be excited.

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