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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Beta - Serious XP Bonuses available this weekend

The second weekend of the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Beta is upon us, and with that comes the double XP boost!

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Double XP Beta Weekend

Treyarch have received many complaints about the rate at which weapons level up, following the first Cold War Beta weekend.

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DOUBLE UP: Jump on the Cold War Beta this weekend and enjoy a Double XP boost!

Basic attachments, such as a suppressor and higher-zoom optics took too many in-game hours for players to unlock in the first Beta weekend.

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Taking these complaints onboard, Treyarch have decided to activate Double XP and Double Weapon XP across all platforms, from 6pm BST on Friday, 16 October.


In-game changes following the first Beta weekend

As with any new game, the developers have quickly learnt what needs adjusting as people have started to play.

Sliding has once again received more tweaks, so players will rely less on it in combat, as it was being overused.

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WORK IN HARMONY: Work together in Black Ops Cold War 6v6 mode

Both the initial slide speed and the slide’s duration have been cut.


The Duster Stock attachment, which itself further boosted the slide speed, has been nerfed.

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It will still offer a faster slide compared to the default option, but it’s nowhere near as strong, according to Treyarch.

Weapon & equipment adjustments

There have also been a few balance tweaks to the beta’s most popular weapons.

The Milano 821’s effective range has been cut, whilst the AK-47’s recoil has been reduced, so it can now compete with other assault riffles.

In the DMR category, the M16 now has a slightly longer burst delay, whilst the Type 63 has received a reduction in recoil.

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RETURN OF THE AK: AK-47 has been buffed in the recent weapons patch

The RPD LMG now has a tighter hip fire spread, so it is more effective in close quarters.


The Gallo SA12 shotgun now requires three shots to kill, instead of two at medium range.

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Other equipment adjustments include a nerf to the outer-radius damage of frag grenades, and a cut to the range the Field Mic could detect crouching, ADS walking or slow movement.

Frag grenades' outer-radius damage has been nerfed, and there has also been a reduction in the range of Field Mic detection whilst crouching or ADS walking.

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