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COD Black Ops Cold War: Best AK-74U Classes - Close Range, Medium Range, Multiplayer & more

The AK-74U is one of the most effective submachine guns in the latest Call of Duty title, but only if you use it correctly.

Here are all the key accessories that you need to equip in order to ensure the submachine gun is as effective as it can be!


AK-47U Accessories

Leaving aside the Gunfighter wildcard, these are the accessories you need to unlock and equip your AK-74U:

  • Muzzle - Sound Suppressor
  • Barrel - 9.5" Paratrooper
  • Underbarrel - Foregrip
  • Stock - Sprint Pad
  • Handle - Quickdraw Handle

The 9.5" Paratrooper gun and Foregrip will stabilize the weapon, while the Sprint Pad and Quickdraw Handle will help you aim faster for those close fights.

There are plenty of secondary weapons to choose from, but we'll leave that up to you based on your playstyle.

We will be updating this class as soon as a better combination is discovered.


All Black Ops Cold War weapons will be added to Warzone when the first season begins, which is scheduled for





warzone black ops cold war weapons integration two ak
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YOU'RE NOT SEEING DOUBLE – On the class creation table we see two AKs, one from Modern Warfare and one from Black Ops Cold War

Once integrated, the weapons will have a sign indicating which game each one comes from, either Modern Warfare or Cold War, to avoid confusion between players.

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