15 Nov 2020 11:49 AM +00:00

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War - A Campaign Glitch Is Causing PS4 Controllers To Disconnect

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is finally available, but unsurprisingly, users are encountering certain errors.

Read on to be careful with the following error.

Controls disconnected

Several Playstation 4 users are reporting on Reddit that their controller suddenly shuts down when playing the third mission of the campaign, which is titled "Fractured Jaw".

This usually happens if the controller is connected to the console wirelessly via Bluetooth, so a workaround might be to keep it connected using a cable.

hudson black ops cold war campaign
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HELLO AGAIN - Jason Hudson returns in Black Ops Cold War campaign

Neither Treyarch or Rave Software have commented on it on social media, but it is likely that the developers are already working hard to iron out any issues the game has.

After all, it is normal to see several glitches occur on the first day of release.


It's Not The First Time.

This is not the first time this glitch has been reported, as during the beta there were users reporting that their controllers were disconnecting when they started a match.

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This tells us that the glitch is not specific to the campaign, but some more general issue.