Call of Duty Vanguard: DualSense features confirmed for PS5 release

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The PlayStation 5 might be the best place to play Vanguard as new DualSense features are confirmed for the PS5 release of Sledgehammer Games' new Call of Duty game. Despite these features being missing from the Open Beta, PlayStation has confirmed that the following features will be front and centre for Vanguard on launch.

DUALSENSE FEATURES - Feedback and Triggers...

Adaptive Triggers and Haptic Feedback are the two main unique features of the PS5's DualSense controller and it looks like Vanguard is going to make the most of both of these when it launches this November.


PlayStation has shared some insights into how these features will play a part in Vanguard from Sledgehammer Games' Chris Fowler. Here's what was said...

Adaptive Triggers

" Our goal in Call of Duty: Vanguard was to simulate the trigger weight of real-world weapons, and to give the player the opportunity to find the trigger pull that works for them in the game."

The DualSense's Adaptive Triggers have three stages - the "take-up", the "break", and then the "over-travel".

  • The Take-Up - "distance a trigger travels once a player starts to press it";
  • The Break - "the point at which the shot is fired";
  • The Over-Travel - "how far the trigger pulls after";
Vanguard DualSense PS5 Zombies
IT APPLIES TO ZOMBIES TOO - The undead will be more of a threat than ever before

These three moments are going to be unique to each weapon and Ammo Type in Vanguard - no two weapons are going to feel the same. This isn't just applied to firing the weapon, either. The "downsight speed" is going to be different and depend on the attachments as much as the weapon itself.

Hapitc Feedback

" As you traverse the multiple fronts of WWII, the explosive elements of combat are not just experienced through sight and sound, but tactilely as well."

Haptic Feedback is going to be used to fine-tune the vibrations throughout Vanguard - this should help pull you into the experience further and help you "feel the action".


Sledgehammer Games are using these features to set Call of Duty Vanguard apart from the rest of the series and as a "WWII experience" like nothing we've seen before.