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Call of Duty Season 3 TRAILER revealed: Details, Updates, BattlePass, Operators and more

It's finally here! The Call of Duty Season 3 trailer has dropped and it looks epic!

With all the hype behind the upcoming Season, and with a very successful Season 2 closing out on 8th April, players have been waiting to catch a glimpse of what's in store for them.

And if the trailer is anything to go by, it won't disappoint...

Trailer breakdown

We've just seen a recent leak of returning character Alex who has a new look and now we get to see him action.

Quite literally dropping in, we get a close up of the much talked about prosthetic (a consequence of his close brush with death in the campaign).

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GUESS WHO'S BACK: Alex returns to get even

Finally we get to see Ronin in action! A character based on a man called Tu Lam, a Retired Green Beret.

Dual wielding a pair of deadly swords, his finishing moves looks like it really 'cuts' the mustard.

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DOUBLE X-PAIN: Ronin's finisher looks very satisfying

So the rumours were true! Squad sizes are to increase, and we get a fantastic shot of 4 players dropping into the Warzone.

Previously in Season 2, we've had either solo or squads of three in Warzone - players will be able to experience a very different type of game now they have 3 people covering their back.

In addition, an all new quad bike features in the trailer, which looks super slick, alongside a seriously heavy looking truck for all your motoring needs.

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ONE-FOUR-ALL: Rumours had been circulating for a long time about squad size increases

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The trailer does not hold back when showing some of the new weapons available in Season 3.


One of the most interesting weapons we see a shot of is the SKS, a semi automatic rifle which could be incredibly useful in both multiplayer and Warzone.

New maps include Talsik Backlot (from COD 4), Hovec Sawmill and Aniyah Incursion. Each map looks beautifully designed and will sure hold a challenge for even the most experienced players.

Season 3 is set to start on 8th April 2020, so be sure to keep checking in for anything that drops in the meantime!

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