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Call of Duty

22 Sep 2020

Black Ops Cold War will be Activision's Most Controversial title Yet!

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Trailer Banned in China

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Ronald Reagan Controversy

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Vietnam War

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A New Portrayal

We have our first look at the next Call of Duty title, Black Ops Cold War!

This game will explore some of the most interesting years in Human history, from 1968 to 1971.

This may lead to Activision and Treyarch exploring some controversial topics in the new title.

Here's a few topics that might put Black Ops Cold War in the History books!

Trailer Banned in China

The trailer for Black Ops Cold War has already been banned in China, due to some content that appeared in the video

black ops cold war controversy banned in china

WRITTEN IN HISTORY - Which parts of the Cold War will this new title cover?

This image from China was taken in 1989 and shows a man standing in front of a tank.

This incident happened just after the Tiananmen Square protests where many Chinese citizens were injured and killed.

The events of the protests are hidden from the current Chinese population, and this can now be seen in the new Black Ops trailer.

A new trailer has now been uploaded specifically for a chinese audience.

It'll be interesting to see whether Treyarch mention or show the events of the protests in-game.

Ronald Reagan Controversy

Ronald Reagan had a lot of controversy surrounding his presidency.

call of duty black ops cold war ronald reagan 1

DETAIL - The new graphics look incredible!

Reagan admitted to selling weapons to the Islamic Republic of Iran in a trade to release US citizens in Lebanon.

This, as well as other scandals and conspiracies, would make up for a very interesting storyline for the new title.

Vietnam War

The Vietnam War is still discussed regarding ethical standpoints.

cold war black ops 1 sequal vietnam

WOODS - Will the iconic character Woods return in Black Ops Cold War?

The United States intervention of the Vietnam is one of the main ethical issues that's considered when talking about this conflict.

The first Black Ops game explored a storyline involving the Vietnam War. We've heard Black Ops Cold War is a direct sequel to this first title.

This means we'll likely get a campaign that goes into more detail surrounding the Vietnam War.

A New Portrayal

This period of Human history has been explored multiple times through books, movies and games in the past.

cod 2020 black ops cold war min

PERSPECTIVE - How will Treyarch tackle this period in time?

We can't wait to see how Treyarch interpret this period, as well as how they continue the amazing storyline of the first Black Ops.

Will they decide to explore some controversial topics, or will they play it safe?