Treyarch has released the Season 5 patch notes

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Treyarch is adding a lot of content to Black Ops Cold War in their Season 5 update, but what about the patch notes? It's all well and good throwing a new weapon at us, but how does it match up to the existing armoury? We know the developers are always at work balancing statistics and here's when we find out what's changing...

Latest - Season 5 Patch Notes

You can now check out the full Black Ops Cold War Season 5 Patch Notes on Treyarch's website, which include all of the bug fixes and balance changes.


We won't include them here as they're pretty long, but here's the link to them.

Here's a breakdown of the main battle pass content:

Battle Pass

  • Season Five
    • New 100-Tier Battle Pass available.
  • Operators
    • Kitsune
      • New “Kitsune” Operator available at Tier 0 in the Season Five Battle Pass.
      • “Kyubi” Operator Skin for Kitsune included with Battle Pass Bundle purchase before August 31, 2021.
  • Weapons
    • EM2
      • EM2 assault rifle available for free at Tier 15 of the Battle Pass System.
    • TEC-9
      • TEC-9 SMG available for free at Tier 31 of the Battle Pass System.
  • War Tracks
    • Four Treyarch music tracks available for the Music Player in the free "World at War Mixtape" War Tracks in the Battle Pass System:
      • “Black Cats”
      • “Dog Fire”
  • “Hell’s Gate”
  • “Wild Card”

Weapon Unlock Challenges

  • Cane
    • New Cane melee weapon available via in-game challenge in Multiplayer or Zombies, or via unique Blueprint version in the Store at the start of Season Five.
  • C58
    • Unlock Challenge available for the C58 assault rifle in Multiplayer and Zombies.
  • MG 82
    • Unlock Challenge available for the MG 82 LMG in Multiplayer and Zombies.

There's always more to learn about an update than meets the eye, the content roadmap only shows us so much...

When does Season 5 actually start?

After a delay, Black Ops Cold War Season 5 started at the following times:

  • 21:00 August 12th - PST
  • 00:00 August 13th - EST
  • 05:00 August 13th - BST