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New Woods Operator Skin confirmed for the Season 5 Battle Pass

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Black Ops Cold War's Season 5 battle pass is here and Treyarch has revealed a little more about what fans can expect from it going forwards. Of course, they haven't shared everything. However, they have shared enough to get us very interested. Here's the latest ahead of launch.

UPDATED - Season 5 Battle Pass Tier Rewards

At the moment, this is what we know about the Season 5 Battle Pass ahead of release:

  • Tier 0
    • Kitsune - New Operator
    • Rebel Leader - Garcia Operator Skin
    • Crimson Oni - Watch
    • Seasonal XP Boost - 10% Increase
Black Ops Cold War Season 5 Battle Pass
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REBEL REBEL - This has to be Garcia's best Operator Skin, right?
  • Tier 5
    • Great Emperor - FFAR 1 Weapon Blueprint
  • Tier 10
    • Payback - Woods Operator Skin
  • Tier 15
    • EM2 - Assault Rifle Base Weapon
  • Tier 19
    • Mind Games - Finishing Move
  • Tier 31
    • TEC-9 - SMG Base Weapon
  • Tier 50
    • Scuba Diver - Baker Operator Skin
  • Tier 55
    • Red Torpedo - Krig-6 Weapon Blueprint
Black Ops Cold War Season 5 Battle Pass KRIG
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THE HUNT BEGINS - We're not going to complain with this!
  • Tier 72
    • World At War Mixtape - War Tracks Pack
  • Tier 85
    • Death Angel - DMR 14 Weapon Blueprint
  • Tier 94
    • 80s Hits 3 - War Tracks Pack
  • Tier 95
    • Geomatik - Ultra-Rarity QBZ Weapon Blueprint
  • Tier 100
    • Samurai - Ultra-Rarity Kitsune Operator Skin
    • Microchip - SMG Weapon Blueprint
Black Ops Cold War Season 5 Battle Pass
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DEADLY - This is one of the best Operator Skins we've seen so far!

When does the Season 5 Battle Pass start?

UPDATE: The Season 5 Battle Pass has started and you should be able to start grinding towards Tier 100 now! Good luck.

Following an extension to the Season 4 Battle Pass, the Season 5 Battle Pass is actually going to start 24 hours later than originally expected. This means you won't be able to access the new Black Ops Cold War weapons in either Call of Duty title until at least the following times:

  • 21:00 August 12th - PST
  • 00:00 August 13th - EST
  • 05:00 August 13th - BST

We don't have word on why Season 5 was delayed, but we expect Treyarch to clear everything up later today, on August 11th. It also looks like we'll be seeing the official release of the Season 5 Battle Pass trailer later today too. This comes after it was leaked yesterday...

You can get a bonus Kitsune Operator Skin?

If you're wondering why you should bother buying the Season 5 Battle Pass, maybe a limited-time offer is right up your alley. If you purchase the Season 5 Battle Pass Bundle before August 26th, you'll be able to unlock the Kyubi Operator Skin for Kitsune.

As far as we know, this is exclusive to those who purchase the Battle Pass Bundle, and not just the Battle Pass. The Battle Pass Bundle unlocks the Season 5 Battle Pass and automatically completes the first 25 Tiers.

Black Ops Cold War Season 5 Battle Pass
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KYUBI - Did the Season 4 Battle Pass not sell that well? Or are Treyarch feeling nice?

It's a great way to get one-up on your competitors and helps if you're looking to unlock the new weapons sooner than everyone else.

Battle Pass Rewards, Price, & More

The Battle Pass Trailer leaked above might offer us a great look at some of the new Operator Skins coming to Season 5 in the Battle Pass, but it doesn't tell us when they're going to pop up.

At the moment, these are the Battle Pass rewards we know about...

  • Tier 0
    • Kitsune Operator Skin
  • Tier 15
  • Tier 31
  • Tier 100
    • Ultra-Rarity Kitsune Operator Skin

The Season 5 Battle Pass is going to set you back 1000 COD Points and the Battle Pass Bundle should cost 2,400 COD Points. This is the same price as an Operator Bundle, so the added bonus of unlocking the Kyubi Kitsune Operator Skin helps to make it more worthwhile.

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