Black Ops Cold War Season 4 Patch Notes Revealed

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The Season 4 update for Black Ops Cold War is getting close, and we finally have patch notes and an official release date!

Table of Contents

Here's what we've learned about the Black Ops Cold War Season 4 update and its patch notes - including its new content for Zombies, new Operators, gun changes, and plenty more.


LATEST - Black Ops Cold War Season 4 Patch Notes Revealed

Treyarch have finally gone beyond the Season 4 content roadmap outlining the new weapons and Operators that are coming, dropping a full set of Season 4 patch notes!

Black Ops Cold War Season 4 Patch Notes Weaver Operator
GIRGORI IS COMING - Weaver is leaving Requiem HQ and joining the fight

While the full notes are a massive deep dive, read over the biggest pieces of Season 4 below:


  • 100 new Battle Pass tiers including the MG 82 LMG and C58 assault rifle
  • Five total new weapons throughout the season
  • “Ground Fall” launch week limited-time event
  • Four new Prestige Levels (16-19)
  • New Prestige Shop content
  • New Weapon Unlock Challenges
  • New Gifting feature
  • New Challenge tracker
  • New lobby theming
  • + More in-season


  • New 6v6 maps: Collateral Strike (6v6), Hijacked (6v6)
  • New Combined Arms map: Collateral (12v12)
  • New Gunfight + Face Off map: Amsterdam (2v2, 3v3)
  • New MP modes: One in the Chamber, Multi-Team: Sat-Link, Hardcore Hardpoint
  • New Featured Playlists: Hijacked 24/7, Cranked Hardpoint
  • New Scorestreak: Hand Cannon
  • 20 New Multiplayer Season Challenges
  • + More in-season, including Rush (6v6) and Capture the Flag

League Play:

  • Skill Division adjustments
  • LC10 and AK-47 now restricted
  • + More in-season, including League Play rewards


  • New Outbreak Region: Zoo
  • New Outbreak Main Quest: Operation Excision
  • New Dark Aether story Intel
  • Additional Zombies tracks to unlock for the Music Player
  • New Operator Missions in Zombies
  • New Onslaught Map (PlayStation®): Collateral
  • 20 New Zombies Season Challenges
  • + More in-season, including the upcoming “Mauer der Toten” round-based map

Season 4 Release Date

Black Ops Cold War is coming soon, and it's all due to go down on June 17th.

We don't know a specific time yet, but we could see the new content go live as early as 00:00 PST/03:00 EST/08:00 BST ahead of the "official" start of the season at around 10:00 PST/13:00 EST/18:00 BST.

Black Ops Cold War Season 4 Download Size

At the moment, we only really know about the size of the Black Ops Cold War download. This isn't a reflection of what's going to be included in the Season 4 Patch Notes, but it's worth knowing all the same. Especially if you're playing on a next-gen console.


If you're playing on PC, you'll need around 90GB additional space for the "patch copying process", however, this will not be used once the download is complete.

  • PlayStation 5: 30 GB
  • PlayStation 4: 15.5 GB
  • Xbox Series X / Xbox Series S: 31.0 GB
  • Xbox One: 17.7 GB
  • PC: 21.6 GB (without HD Pack) / 30.7 GB (with HD Pack)

You can find out more about the copying process Call of Duty titles utilise here.