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How big is next season's Black Ops Cold War download going to be?

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We're just a few days away from Black Ops Cold War Season 4 and we're here to talk about everything that's coming and when it's going to arrive. We won't know how big the download is expected to be for a little while yet, but we can certainly make estimates.

Here's the latest on Black Ops Cold War Season 4.

LATEST - New Gameplay Trailer Revealed

Following Johanna Faries, General Manager at Call of Duty, and her appearance on Geoff Keighley's Summer Game Fest "Kickoff Live!" stream, we got our first look at Black Ops Cold War's next season. It's going to be a big update and the Gameplay Trailer, which you can see below, gave us a little look at a lot. There's even a Round-Based Zombies teaser in there, too!


The next Call of Duty season is due to release on June 17th. At the moment, we don't know the specifics of what's changing, but we know there's going to be three new Multiplayer maps, a new Outbreak map, and at least one new Operator.

While we wait for the rest of the roadmap to be unveiled... You can check out what Stich is up to below:


Season 4 Release Date

The next Black Ops Cold War update is due to drop in just under a week's time, on June 17th.

This is interesting, though, because Season 3 is due to end on June 15th when you look at last season's Battle Pass. This leaves us with a bit of a gap. We're expecting Treyarch to extend the season by a couple of days to make up for this but we don't know if that's the plan for certain yet.

Black Ops Cold War Season 4 Download Size Standoff Price
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NEW MAPS? - Standoff was added in Season 3; What's coming in Season 4?

We are expecting preloading to be available at least 24 hours before the update goes live, in any case.

Next Black Ops Update Download Size

At the time of writing, we don't know the exact size of Black Ops Cold War's next title update. It's a little early to be hearing anything about it from Treyarch officially and leakers often only uncover this information a day or two before, if at all.

That being said, we can look at recent updates for some guidance. We know these downloads often vary in size slightly depending on the platform, though. So, take everything we suggest with a grain of salt.

We're anticipating the next Black Ops Cold War update to feature a pretty hefty download size. On current-gen platforms, we're expecting something in the realms of 25GB-30GB. For next-gen platforms, we are anticipating that this could rise slightly and feature something more along the lines of 35GB.

Black Ops Cold War Season 4 Download Size Alex Mason
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IS HE FINALLY COMING? - Alex Mason has been a long-requested Operator for Black Ops Cold War

It's hard to predict, and Treyarch is taking steps to try and reduce the overall size of the title. However, the last several updates do still seem to be quite large.

At the moment, we also don't really know what to expect. Knowing what's coming often helps us guess the file size, too. There have been a few leaks regarding upcoming Operators, but there's nothing to suggest that these would increase the file size any more than the average update.

The best place to look for information regarding any upcoming Black Ops Cold War Season 4 changes would be Treyarch's Twitter account. However, don't expect them to mention anything for a few days yet.

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