Black Ops' Diesel is about to get a bit more chaotic

Every week, in an effort to keep things fresh, Treyarch changes up the Black Ops Cold War playlists in a Thursday Playlist Update.

For the most part, this information drops a few hours before the update. This week, though, we have it a few days early! So... Here's everything you need to know about the next Black Ops Cold War Playlist Update from Treyarch.

Black Ops Playlist Update - April 29

At the moment, we only know about two major changes to the current playlist offerings from Black Ops Cold War.

Diesel 24/7 is going to change from being a 3v3 mode to 6v6. This is huge news if you're a fan of the new Season Three map. The new "24/7" playlist is going to include TDM, Domination, Hardpoint, and everyone's favorite: Kill Confirmed.

Black Ops Playlist Update Diesel Park
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DIESEL - This new map might seem familiar if you've played the Campaign

As for the second change, Face Off is making a Triumphant return to Featured Playlists in the latest Playlist Update from Black Ops Cold War Developers Treyarch.


If you haven't played before, it's essentially a 3v3 mode that's pretty much just like a Team Deathmatch. Gunfight maps are used for Face Off, too, so things can get pretty hectic.

There are also reports that a new Gunfight Tournament is going to kick off on Thursday and Treyarch has confirmed that Sticks and Stones will remain a Featured Playlist for another week at least.

It is a "classic party mode", apparently... We're not sure we agree.

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