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Is the Outbreak mode free for Black Ops Cold War players?

Black Ops Cold War Season Two is right around the corner but is Outbreak free?

Everyone wants to know more about Treyarch's newest Zombies mode and it isn't too far away.

However, will Outbreak be free for Black Ops Cold War players? We have everything you need below.

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Release Date

Black Ops Cold War Season Two is due to start February 25th and Outbreak is just one facet of the update to release at this time.

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A new Battle Pass, new multiplayer maps, and more are all coming to Black Ops Cold War.

Black Ops Cold War Season Two Outbreak Free Rivas Wolf
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RIVAS - Wolf and Rivas are two of the new Operators on the way throughout Season Two

However, it's safe to say that Outbreak is the selling-point of their latest update.

After releasing Firebase Z early, it seems like Treyarch are doubling down on Zombies content by bringing a brand new, large-scale experience to their shooter.


Is It Free?

To put it simply, yes!

Outbreak is a brand-new Zombies experience that will be free for all Black Ops Cold War players as Treyarch continue to improve the content available in the biggest year in Call of Duty History.

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What's even better is that the launch of Outbreak coincides with a Free Access Week for Black Ops Cold War.

That means, even if you don't own Black Ops Cold war, you can try out the Outbreak mode for free!

Black Ops Cold War Outbreak Free Zombies Wolf Light Jeep
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TOGETHER - Outbreak is a squad-based mode that promises chaos

This Free Access Week will also include some access to Multiplayer modes and the PlayStation-exclusive mode Onslaught.


Outbreak Intel

Outbreak is being added alongside a whole host of new Zombies content for Black Ops Cold War players to enjoy.

A new Ammo Mod, Shatter Blast, and a new Field Upgrade, Frenzied Guard, are both being added to change up the way you face-off against the undead.

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On top of this, every Zombies Skill will be getting two new Tiers. Using advanced Aetherium Crystals only available from Outbreak and High-Round Exfils, these crystals will change the game.

Black Ops Cold War Outbreak Free Jumping Mech Zombie
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TERRIFYING - The new Elite Zombies promise to be a huge threat in Outbreak

We don't have any details on what the new Tiers will do to existing Perks and Field Upgrades, but Treyarch is promising big things.

For the latest, keep an eye on Treyarch's social media channels here.

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