When Does Black Ops Cold War League Play Start?

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Call of Duty Cold War League Play is on the way, coming later today across all platforms.

In and amongst the recent title update and Firebase Z launch, Treyarch announced that League Play was coming to Black Ops Cold War.

With the CDL 2021 season right around the corner, Black Ops Cold War players will soon be able to jump into a much-more competitive playlist that follows the strict COD League ruleset.

Start Time


Although there isn't an official announcement as to when Cold War League Play will go live, we can make a safe assumption based on two factors.

Cold War League Play CDL Skins
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Firstly, Black Ops Cold War often updates/resets at around 18:00 GMT each day. Whenever an update goes live, it also more often than not goes live at this time.

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Secondly, the current Double XP event that has been running to celebrate the recent update is due to end at 18:00 GMT.

All the signs point to Cold War League Play going live at 18:00 GMT February 8th. If there are any delays, we will make sure we keep this article up to date.

League Play and CDL 2021

The Call of Duty League is on the eve of kicking off its' second season and Treyarch have decided that this, coinciding with the addition of Express, marks the perfect time to introduce Cold War League Play to the latest CoD title.

Below, we have a statement regarding the addition:

Building on the popularity of Black Ops 4’s ladder-based system, League Play in Black Ops Cold War will allow players to earn their way through 30 Ranks in League Play Events. Only the very best will win their way to the top of their Division Ladder!
Cold War League Play CDL 2021 Line-up
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SBMM has proven to be problematic for many, with regular outcries on social media clear, but could the introduction of League Play help satiate these players?

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It's unsure as to whether the SBMM currently in operation will be tuned alongside the launch, however, it could well be now there is a dedicated ranked playlist for competitive players to jump in to.

This is currently everything we know, but we expect Treyarch to release more information about what to expect closer to the launch.