Activision has no set plan for COD Franchising Branding

Despite the uproar over city based franchising, sources say that Activision is not set on copying the Overwatch League style of franchising.

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Amid the news of Activision announcing a city-based franchised league for their upcoming Call of Duty title (developed by Infinity Ward) fans have quickly concluded that legendary brands such as Optic Gaming, FaZe Clan and Envy will have to adopt new aliases as shown in the Overwatch League (OWL). 

However, sources show that there is no final decision whether organizations will have to adopt a new alias (ex Houston Outlaws in the OWL) for next season. This would allow organizations to keep their names that fans are accustomed too, not warranting any confusion for new fans tuning into the new CWL and wondering where Optic Gaming or 100 ThievesVC is.

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Although Activision has made no decision about branding, many team owners are sensing the clear change. Organization owners have explored possible scenarios for an impending change to their organization’s brand. Many fans have criticized the potential change to the city based franchising model, with some stating that viewership may see another decline with the change of team names. A common fear is that Activision could give existing OWL brands a profile boost by giving them a Call of Duty team and thus shun existing, established Call of Duty brands such as OpTic, Envy, and FaZe the boot or force them to own teams they cannot label with their existing brand, but that worst case scenario is not currently in the cards for the CWL. 

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